Sunday, February 12, 2006


*sigh* Ok, so as far as fruit-cake is concerned... well, we know where my feelings lie.

Woke up at 5:30 this morning and chilled until 6:30 when the alarm actually rang. Caught a bus into the city (it was one of the REALLY old ones. You know, where the seats don't stay up because they're so old...)

Class was totally review (again.) I don't mind review, but we've been reviewing for the last 3 classes - so it would be nice to learn something new.

At the office I went out to the post-office and then out to the 'art-supply' store in search of an address book. They didn't have one so I headed back empty-handed. Worked on two projects did lots of other stuff, managed to file all the newspapers and the best part was washing my hands and watching the black newsprint wash away.

Walked home and started dinner. Shosh came back soon after and she had brought a special Tu B'Shvat treat - dried fruits and a bunch of different nuts.

Not much else to report - I'm starting to deal with some stuff that Freddie told me to face.

The hard part is going to be finding somebody to sit on my feet.

It's such a shame that Jeliav is in school... :)


Flying Disaster said...

going to keep this short as i am really heading to bed. i was waiting all night for you to update and then you do it just as i was going to bed. just to clarify...i brought home nuts, well you know what? ppl can interpret that however they want!!!! and remmeber- as long as you run as clock work.....

yo' meanma said...

I second the why do you update sooooo late????

I hear that they may be selling off some "ships" might you get one to sit on your feet, I hear they can be very warm & smelly in the winter?(they may be that way all year long too) on second thought we should discuss the PHONE CALL that I will GW make if you give me a little direction.

btw guess who is MC for jewish womans day
help what should I say????

da' kender said...

somethings just dont need words... this is one of them...