Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I have concluded that I am NOT sick. I refuse to be sick and therefore I am categorizing my 'symptoms' as allergies. It would actually stand to reason that allergies is what I am suffering from as the weather has been psychotic lately and switches faster than my mood. (Yes, I know it sounds strange but I am indeed allergic to the change in the weather. I guess you could say that I am 'sensitive' to it - but somehow that sounds even stranger...)

I spent this morning slaving away in the kitchen. (Don't worry, I didn't breathe on the food.) First order of business was the Granola Bars. They smelled so good - I was impressed. I then proceeded to outdo myself with the crepes. I decided to make blintzes for the 'special dinner date' that I was having. I got the crepes made, filled and rolled and even had time to read before I headed out to work.

I decided to walk because it was a beautiful day. It was the kinds of day that one would go out to the park and sit and read in the shade of a tree or play catch with a friend. Anywho, I went to work and was feeling so icky that I asked my boss if I could leave early. He agreed (on the condition that I wouldn't die until I was out of the building - because he is a Cohen...)

And so, at 6 o'clock I left work and hopped on a bus. Ever get that feeling everyone is looking at you? Well, let's just say the ride to TM was disturbing. I stopped in at the bakery for some 'elephant ears' (angel wings) and then headed back to the ranch.

Brenda is sleeping over tonight. That's why I made the special dinner (and the granola bars.)

I am attempting to help Nootch figure out and finalize our plans for this weekend. So far we're going to the museum (the Bloomfield Science Museum) then we're picking up our stuff and going out to Bar-Ilan-Land.

From the sound of things - it's going to be veeeery iiinteresting...

I have more to say on this subject - but anything I would say would be misunderstood and misconstrued. So, it is better to say nothing.

What is up with that name anyway? Why can't I get away from it? For the last 8 years it's followed me - aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (That was a virtual scream of exasperated agony.)

Anywho - I've gotta spend some quality time with my sister.

Did you notice the new link in my sidebar? Now you can finally experience for yourself - the joy of exploding little blocks.

Hey, it keeps me entertained...


adina :) said...

Can you send me the recipe?
I hope your quality time with the sister is fun and enjoy the crepes!

Chavs said...

Whatever Dr. Lori has diagnosed you with, I hope that you have a refuah shelama!
Sounds yummy and fun! Hope you 2 had lots of fun bonding time :)

Sassy Madricha said...

Ummm, Lori dearest...

You can't be allergic to the change in seasons. Allergies come only from physical allergens that stimualate the IgE immunoglobulins and cause the mast cells to de-granulate... Hence causing vasodialation of the smooth muscles, atopic dermitits and gastrointestinal pains.

Sorry to burst your bubble!!

Love, Sassy

P.S. Any leftover granola??