Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Three Most Useless Things to a Pilot are; The Altitude Above Him, The Runway Behind & 1/10th of a Second Ago...

Woke up early this morning cause Sammy and Raizi had to get up early to go to school. Then the plumber almost didn't come - rather, he didn't come but his partner did. He checked out the situation and we agreed that he would fix it tomorrow. Of course, things changed (G-d is laughing at my attempt at planning) and the plumber is NOT coming tomorrow.

Shosh and I took a picnic lunch out to the park. We didn't take anything else, just ourselves, our picnic, a bottle of ketchup and our good spirits. We found a 'green patch' and plunked ourselves down. After eating we just lay in the sun. I could've stayed there all day. I was just soaking up the sun and it was delightful.

Walked over to the office and Shosh bought me an ice-pop (annanas cause it's my favoritest!) Then we parted ways.

In the office chaos reigned (as usual.) The bedlam didn't stop until I left the office at 19:00. Nightmare in the post-office, phones off the hook, messed up orders, people going behind our backs and lost contracts.

Have I mentioned how much I hate telephones? And NO, for the record - I DO NOT enjoy looking through over 100 pictures to find something that doesn't exist.

The walk home was uneventful. Almost got run over 3 times but that is of no consequence. The Ish Bitachon was really cute though. And for the record - it's not my fault that the sidewalk ended.

Back at the ranch my Freddie was around. She dragged me out for a quick shopping and then dinner and a show. We even had cake and stuff... :)


After the movie she headed off into the wild yonder and I was left to update my blog.

I got to talk to Miryam!! (who cryptically enough is not going to be a package but may be sending a package...) And, I got a bunch of new jokes from Uncle Shalom.

Speaking of Uncle Shalom, I miss ski weekend - mostly I just miss the getting together with old friends.

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh AND it is finally Wednesday. I guess I can sleep in because our plans have all been cancelled. It's sort of a shame though - I'd love to have a good reason to wake up early and get out and do stuff. Especially if the weather tomorrow is anything like it was today.

I can feel it - spring is in the air...

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adina :) said...

Everytime I hear the words "spring is in the air" I always have that tune i my head and think about that commercial with the bunnies where the father and doughter are in the pet shop and they are trying to buy two rabbits with a credit card but it is taking forever for the cc to go through and at the end of the commercial there were like a billion and a half bunnies everywhere!
I'm laughing just thinking about it :D hahaha

k, bye