Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Weather from a Different Dimension...

Too many strange things happened today. It would be difficult to recount them all without boring you. So, I shall endeavor to write with a twist of Lori and a hint of humor. I'm short on sarcasm and besides - it's just not the same if I'm not there in person laughing the whole time, eyes twinkling mischeviously and scrunching up my nose in a gesture of total amusement...

Well, I suppose I could begin with the fact that I was up, showered and dressed before 9:30 on a Wednesday morning. I then saw Sammy (who brought bagels) and we headed off to the NBN Headquarters (because she had a Siyur for Sheirut Leumi.) I left her there and headed back home. On the way I stopped off and did the balance of our shopping. I left for work early and bussed up Yafo. (As I passed the bus-stop an 18, 13 and 21 all pulled up at the same time. I took it as a sign.)

The office was quiet. I typed up labels and finished labeling the three orange binders. I spent about three hours filing and a good portion of it was spent on the floor - excercising my biceps and triceps while lifting files basically getting as good of a workout as if I had been lifting weights.

I got out of the office on time and headed out to Geulah (for the second time in two days.) I did some shopping and actually got stuff for myself. I felt so grown-up going out and spending my own money. What can I say? I'm moving on in life. (Though my bank account has taken a plunge...) Oh yeah, have I ever mentioned how much I can't stand shopping? Strange, no? I sure did spend a lot of time in stores today.

Speaking of plunges - the apartment is having some troubles of its own. Forget heat and hot water - we gave up on those forever ago. But the toilet is having it's own issues - namely the fact that the ceramic base is falling apart. I wouldn't mind - except for the fact that it's leaking too. I wonder if that is a good thing. Something inside keeps saying, "not so good..." but until there is more conclusive proof, I refuse to believe it.

Tomorrow is Thursday again. I can't figure it out. Where do the days keep going?

Speaking of time flying by, tonight and tomorrow are my Grandmother's Yartzheit. It's sad, I was only 9 when she passed away. I don't really remember her. It's more like I remember the idea of her. I think I'll go and shteig a bit in her merit.

It's a scary and sobering thought. We are here for so short a time and in that time we are supposed to change the world.

It seems an impossible task.

I think I'm up to it.


Flying Disaster said...

Too many things to comment on this most of which i've just commented to you in person. but... the weather was very scary today, felt like i was walking in the wizard of oz. good job on the shopping, the skirt looks great on you. next.....the next person to sit on our toilette will prob fall to the floor as it's already wobbly...and this you aren't worried about- ha. lets go shteig

debsy said...

just so u know - tonights entire conversation was without having read ur blog - i honestly didn't know u'd made a comment about saving the world!!! i guess great minds think alike!! ;-) we'll get there eventually don't u worry!!
and once again - publicly - THANK YOU LORI!!! (u know what 4 even if everyone else has to keep guessing all night!)
Now i really should go to bed instead of just talking about it!

Chavs said...

Super _____(fill in the blank, Im not creative enough right now) to the rescue!
Mission statement: change the world!

Haven't said hi in a very long time! Miss you!

debsy said...

lori - u didn't tell me chavs was in on this??? how many more partners are there i don't know about? i thought we were in this together? ;-) (to all those confused - sorry!)