Thursday, February 23, 2006

Which Niche?..

Woke up early to get Brenda out to the bus.

Class was interesting. We finally agreed on the date of the upcoming test.

After class I met up with a friend. We went out to the Bloomfield museum. We went on foot because the weather was delightful.

It seems that the student price is only 18 shekel - so I was really excited.

Sadly, I didn't have the opportunity to explore all of the fun stuff - so I will have to go back sometime soon with somebody who can really appreciate the awesomeness level of gears, levers, morse code, and sound waves. I remember going with the mishpacha - and Daddy explaining all of the stuff. I think I'll stop there.

The ride to Givat Shmuel was novel. It took about 45 minutes to get from the Tachana Merkazit out to the Trampiada (there was some traffic...) The rest of the ride was smooth and soon we were there.

The 'party' was over - (thankfully) - so we put down all of our stuff and got down to challa baking. Actually - she baked and I did this - but that is neither here nor there...

Well, I was busy. I was shmoozing with my little brother who is finally Home after 19 days in the army. He even showed me a picture of his new toy. I am not at liberty to disclose its name - as it is still under discussion.

Tomorrow is erev Shabbos. Another week is at an end.

On the bright side - soon a new week will begin.

But first I'll have to make it through Shabbos.

Wish me luck...


Flying Disaster said...

I would love to go to the museum with you sometime- i won't even be too cheap to go. Sorry didn't spend this week with you at all, missed you tons. Looking forward to this coming week.
ok no more with the typing- need to have pity on the agony here.
oh and's Rosh chodesh this week...TWO DAYS. hope the weathers nice ;)
Good Shabbos

debsy said...

Good luck - have fun!
I'm foncused!! How old is your little brother???

Lorelai said...

Little Brother is 19 years old.

Until July 22nd anyway...

Adina :) said...

I think I'm also confused but not at the same time
I know I know I totally don't make any sense but whatever
Wow to the USO (unidentified scary object)
Good luck with shabbat I hope you have a great one!!!
Luv ya and Miss ya a whole heap load!!

Oh yeah... How were the granola bars?

Sassy Madricha said...