Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Why Does it Always Seem to Rain Thursday Nights?

So, I was checking the weather forecast and it has no good news planned for Thurday night. Just high chances of Precipitation. Now, I DON'T mind the rain but I DO mind not being able to go out and have fun.

Today - what happened today...

Well, hopefully you've read my earlier posting so you know that today was destined to be a strange one.

Sadly enough, nothing much out-of-the-ordinary actually happened.

I started the 'MediaMess' thing with the Big Boss. I typed and tried not to abuse the fashtunkenah computer (who sadly is suffering from some disease that cannot be determined. Which wouldn't bother me except that it inhibits my ability to work.)

On the walk home I picked up my Nootch (who is visiting tonight) at TM and we strolled back to the apartment.

For some reason the heat is on. Go figure.

Tomorrow is Thursday and even though I'm working I am going Home after my stint at the office. I'm so excited!

Mostly I'm excited about Friday morning. Mommy agreed so we're going out for breakfast.

*sigh* It's been a while...

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Hinda said...

There's plenty you can do in the rain! Like SINGING! :)