Saturday, February 25, 2006

You Don't Snort Alcohol - Duh!...

And so it began - and so it went and so it was.

Before I even begin I would like to explain that I am in the post-euphoric-slump. From Thursday night when I got off of the bus outside of Bar-Ilan until I parted ways with Menucha at TM almost an hour ago - I did NOT stop laughing. I mean, between me cracking myself up and the people I was with - suffice it to say, my cheek muscles hurt from smiling and my stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard for so long.

Truth be told I don't know where to begin. I have a friend who would tell me to start at the beginning, which would be logical - however, Shabbos in general followed no sane pattern and therefore I fear I shall have to jump around as nothing went in straight lines but rather everything convoluted around everything else.

Let me start with erev Shabbos as that is the beginning of this chapter. I made the cookies and about two hours before lighting we realized that we had no main-course for the meal. We kept our cool and quickly decided to make a chicken salad and sme dinosaur shnitzels. I then demonstrated for certain somebodies how in the holy name of all that is good and useful HOW to use an immersion blender. Yes, the kugel upon which we learned came out deliciously.

Once Shabbos started there was no going back. We headed out to Shul dressed in our Shabbos best. After davening we rounded up all of our guests (a whole 2 of them) and headed back to the apartment. It was a relatively quiet meal - if you ignored all of the crazy stuff that went on. I mean, I didn't mind being bitten vicariously, feeling the puppy's nose to check for general wellness, Somebody BIT the HEAD off of one of the dinosaur shnitzels, boys asleep on the couch, toilet-chairs, chairs with wheels, soot, towns versus cities and so much more.

I posed the question to one of the other guests, "Do I look normal?" hehe, I wasn't overly disturbed when I didn't get an answer. Then again, I wasn't really expecting one. It's a hard thing to say for sure when you are talking about me.

After bentching we headed out to an oneg. Of course, getting to the oneg had to be an adventure in itself. We went into one building and after climbing 6 flights realized that we were in the wrong building, so down down down we went and into the next building. 5 flights up we realized that the first buiilding had been the right one so down down down we went and back to the original building. Up up up and finally we were there. We walked in and promptly took over a couch - from where we amused/frightened/scared the rest of the people who were there. I dunno, between out stories and hysterical laughter we cause quite a stir and when we left the party broke up. (Not really. I mean, the party was breaking up - so we left so that we would feel like it was because of us...)

Back in the apartment we breathed, kicked the boy off of the couch, laughed some more and even learned the difference between licking someone and poking somebody with your tongue. Moral of the story - it doesn't matter which you do as both actions get your spit on the other person.

Shabbos morning dawned gray and dreary. I woke up my hostess in my cheery morning way (I almost got kicked for that one...hehehe...) We headed out to Shul and managed to make it in time for Parshat Sh'kalim. (YAY!) We would have been there a few minutes earlier but the security gaurd at the gate of the University stopped us on the way in and started questioning us and our motives. Granted, we probably did look pretty suspicious, I mean we were laughing so hard that we looked down-right drunk and off our rockers. We finally managed to convey that we were going to shul and when other people showed up he finally let us in. In shul I ran out of tissues but a cute little angel hooked me up with a good supply of them. The kiddush was depressingly quiet and we soon headed back to the apartment. Lunch was fun with two other girls and as can be expected - there was much laughing and joke-making.

After lunch I went with my friend to try and find some hot water for tea. First we tried the guys apatment one floor down. Evyatar wasn't in for Shabbos but a disgruntled Tal opened the door only to tell us that he couldn't help us out. So we headed over to the apartment where the oneg had been (at least we knew where we were going.) But, after climbing all of the stairs, the girls weren't home so empty-handed we returned to the apartment.

I proceeded to take a 2 hour Shabbos nap. It was simply wonderful. I woke up and we had crackers and chocolate and then we headed out to shul for Maariv and Havdala.

Shabbos was over. It was sad (as usual.) So, I hopped on a bus and headed back into Jeru. The bus was soooo crowded that I had to stand the whole time. (I would've sat on the floor, but there was NO ROOM! It was crazy!)

At TM I stopped off for melava malka and a new water bottle and then headed back to the ranch.

I am sitting here now and typing this and I am realizing as I do that there is so much that I haven't written and that I could have written this in a much funnier way. However, I feel like that would ruin it somehow. Those who were involved will read my account and remember. Those who I see in the near future can ask me and hear the tale first-hand. But, then there are those of you who will just smile and nod and say "ah, a Lori story" and move on. For me though - these are the things to file away. Memories and the like.

I enjoyed. I am glad that I went.

Oh yes and before I forget -

You are as romantic as cottage cheese.

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debsy said...

didn't the quote have something to do with a brain being like cotage cheese?? Well i'm glad u enjoyed shabbos! I was home and b'h had a restfull shabbos. And yes i'm still hyper about the baby! Why can't anybody here understand how exciting it is????