Friday, February 03, 2006


Well, after getting out of bed and amusing Sammy (who told me to take off the belt.)

I stuck on a bandana and headed out into the wild Pollyonder...

Breakfast was fun - Eli, Mommy, Saba and Savta came along and the guy thought I was crazy for asking but he understood (who wouldn't?) and gladly brought out some of the freshly-fried shnitzels - that we all love and crave on Friday mornings.

They were so hot that I was burning my fingers - but they are the best when they're like that - fresh from the pan and melt in your mouth good!

*Sigh* - yeah that was a sigh of absolute contentment.

I am full and happy and exhausted - but I managed to bake a double batch of 'Rum and Spice's and I even got to bake 'em all because Shani isn't Home for Shabbos and so I didn't have to leave any in the freezer for her. (Chaval really, cause I added about a 1/2 cup extra of rum to the dough...)

I think I'm gonna go and paint my nails. I have nothing else overly important to do and have finally accepted the fact that my scarf will not be ready for Shabbos no matter how much and how quickly I knit.

Ora is Home and maybe little brother will be around. Nootch is coming and I'm feeling "Lori-like" and slightly giddy.

Maybe I'm crazy or maybe I ate a little too much of the raw cookie dough...

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