Friday, March 31, 2006

Kaflooey - Gezundtheit...

Ok, time-lagged and sleepy I report relatively early on a Friday morning. I've been busy trying to clean my desktop and peeling veggies for umpteen different things. My hands smeel like garlic, because I peeled not just a few cloves but an entire head of the aromatic stuff.

While I battled with the purifying agent, Mommy got the fish ready to be 'bagged' and cooked. It is a trifle disturbing, I must admit, to conduct a staring contest with these meals-to-be.

At this point the Dibble showed up in all of his Pajama'd glory and demanded Akiva. He then announced that for lack of anything better to do on Erev Shabbos - he was going to go play on the Kid's Basement Computer.

Mickey cat has been a nuisance all morning. First he was in the sink licking the faucet in an attempt to re-hydrate himself, he proceeded to take a shower (though that could be due to the fact that I turn the water on full power.) Annoyed at this turn of fate he sulked off to his newest hiding spot. Can you find him?

I finally managed to get my hands on the CD that has been circulating throughout my household upon which are saved a number of photos of our house on Oxford Court. I wouldn't move back there for anything. I love it here too much. But, every time I see pictures, I realize how much I miss it. Such a laid-back life with everything served to me on a silver platter. I can't decide how I would rather live. It is more free here and I am in charge of my own life - but I think it would be nice to have a vacation...

(Hopefully some pictures of the Polly-abode-from-abroad will be uploaded at some point in the near future. However, it is Erev Shabbos and I do have stuff to do...)

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Class this morning was far from intriguing. As a matter of fact, I spent most of the time staring off into space, bouncing up and down in my seat and waiting for an SMS that never came.

After class I miraculously made the bus (even though I left late and got stuck behind a girl with an ornate ceremonial dagger trying to get into TM.) On the bus I met up with Little Brother who it seemed was also 'going Home.' We switched I-pods (and though that left him with nothing good to listen to - I actually enjoyed the comedian who kept me laughing all the way to Bet Shemesh.)

At Home I baked chocolate chip cookies (I wanted to give them to some of my favorite chayalim - but seeing as the text message never came, I never got an e-mail and Little Brother was helping himself - I didn't get to.) We also made couscous, shmoozed, cleaned the kitchen and ah yes, the dishes. hehehe...

It was getting late and Mommy and Daddy left for Jeru. They went to some NBN thing or another. It was for adults but I was not invited. Seems I'm only an adult when there is 'serious stuff' afoot. Otherwise I am still a kid. (Which I don't mind, except - I REALLY REALLY wanted to get out and do something tonight. I am out of energy for sitting around and doing nothing - namely studying.)

Have I mentioned how much I despise sex ed. class? How is it that married women with more than one kid don't know where babies come from?!?!!? Riddle me this!!! PLEASE! (Don't really. It's just that after sitting through three classes of it - I simply cannot take it anymore.)

Dinner was an interesting affair. Tacos and tortillas. Then we cleaned up.

Half of my muffins made it and now I just need to pack them up for Saba and Savta.

Tonight we change the clocks. I am going to be so time-lagged tomorrow. I can feel it.

Shabbos is coming. Things don't look so bright. It doesn't seem like anybody is going to be around.

Oh well. I should have known better than to get used to the idea of having friends to spend time with on Shabbos.

Maybe someday - when I'm cuter...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trivial Pursuits & Mundane Matters...

Well, today was the day. I FINALLY went to the hygienist. She said I do a VERY good job brushing my teeths and that my teeth are a nice shade of tooth-color. (Guess that means that the pain is worth it...)

After the dentist we visited the 'Sparkly' store where Brenda and I each got a new pair of earrings. We also picked up some breakfast, snack 'for later' and Pesach treats. Then swung around and picked up Saba.

Up to Jeru we drove. Dropped Brenda off at school and headed to Talpiyot. After Saba finished at the Mazda place we drove into Town. After missing a few turns and driving in the wrong lanes (by no choice of our own) we parked and headed to the fabric store.

Talk about doing well, I practically got a new wardrobe! I managed to get material for FOUR skirts! I am SOOO excited! Mebbe I'll even get adventurous and make REAL skirts and not just wraps... We'll see. I do have a limited time now - cause Pesach is REALLY almost here.

Today I tried to work on my attitude. Service with a smile is my motto - but today I REALLY tried to find the good in every situation.

I'm happy - cheery - bubbly - amused - hysterical and all around funny.

Becca bought us a microphone, Brenda made me a DEEEELICIOUS supper, Efrat had a baby boy and things are GREAT!

Truth be told - I love life.

Alrighty, my computer time is up and I still need to Shteig and Shmooze.

Tomorrow I'm heading Home yet again.

Hehehe... S'gonna be fun.

Hope I see my friends...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ms. Sense O'dyne...

Funny start to my day: I voted.

What else did I do today?

Well I; Cleaned, Did Laundry, Organized, Re-organized, Did More Laundry, Cleaned, Went Grocery Shopping (complete with shopping-cart-races), Unloaded the car, Cleaned, Did More Laundry, Locked Freddie and Brenda outside, Organized, Lit candles, Re-organized, Cleaned, Cleaned, Ate, Cleaned, Organized...

Getting the picture?

Want to know what's sad?

I'm not done cleaning yet.

I'm waiting for an e-mail. I didn't clean the basement bathroom, I still haven't made cookies and I didn't even go out to the park to play football. Only thing I did manage to do was get a new water bottle (but it's only a 4.)

Found out the dates when Sharon and the boys are due to arrive for Pesach. I'm getting VERY excited. It's going to be just like the old days - only not.

I'm hoping to spend time with certain friends. I'm hoping to meet some new people.

I think I may be putting too much thought and too many hopes and expectations into this.

My flowers are wilting and the candles are burning low.

I think the time has come to turn on the middle light, turn on the music and clean some more.

Whaddaya Reckon?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Three Feet of Fun...

This is the second post of the day - be sure to see the one underneath this one - because that is the IMPORTANT one. This is my attempt at writing myself out of my funk/slump brought about by ungrateful people. (One chayal in particular - who shall remain nameless - because they don't realize or care anyway... P.S. - you could make this better by texting/calling/showing up - anything - TALK TO ME!! Gosh Darn It!)

I have some good news and some even better news. Pesach is coming (that is the good news). The better news is that I am cleaning for Pesach - now as we all know, Lori cleaning is funny enough - but Lori REALLY cleaning is downright hilarious. (Especially once we've pulled out the spray chemicals and shamatas - haha, shmatas - what a funny word...)

So while cleaning strange things are bound to come up - be forewarned that things won't make sense, I may sound high (which inadvertantly, I probably am) and I will not explain any of my gibberish - so don't even bother asking...

Is it really three feet of fun?
I grabbed her Butt, but, it's a cute butt...
The 'kings' are giving me a complex - though each in their own way!
Baking cookies again?
There aren't any feet in there? No way!!
I want a slime thing toooooo!! I'll steal the Afikoman!
Nuuu, what happened to the cookies?
Umm, I ate all three footless feet.
Oatmeal chocolate-chip/raisin? Tomorrow?
Go suck an elf!!
Clean underwear? Why?
New heights = Elevated intelligence?
I'm never shy, but this is different...
What? I am totally quiet, introverted and shy!!
Call me!!!!
Stupid Feline!!
Unpack, pack, unpack, pack, unpack, pack...

And now, a semi-intelligible word about how to read -
Open the book, look at the squiggles, understand them, internalize them - move on...

Back to the nonsense...

Washing Machines.
Eat worms? Gummy worms? NO? REAL worms?!
I need new Lori-smell!!
I stubbed my toe.
I stubbed another toe.
Stupid toes, they're in such an inconvenient location.
I want a piece of Junk with SLIME in it!!!
I want a pancake!!
Sombody get me a pancake!
Trapezius - pressure point - butt!!!
Moron.Twit.Idiot.Boy. - ARG!!
I want to get mail!!!
I mean - mail.

I need a new aych-two-oh bottle...
But not aych-two-oh-two - YUM!
Baby Blues = Polly Household.
Carpals, Metacarpals, Tarsals, Metatarsals...
I don't want to sit through another sex ed. class this year.
Don't touch me!!
Smelly Little Dibble Kid.
Elections? Why? New Comedy Show Host?
My sweatshirt ran off with its lover!!
Shove it - up your - NOSE!!
Mice? Where?

Ok - enough for now methinks.

The time has come to make cookie dough - not for cookies though. For the dough. Duh!!

Freddie!! HELP!!!





Better now.

My Stomach...

Digestion is an integral part of eating.

Freddie kept me amused today. Thank you Freddie.

Deborah finished her Dolphins! (Finally!!) MAZAL TOV!! Sh'koyach!! and I am SOOOO proud of you Partner...

And for your viewing pleasure I present:

Ze' Dolfinz - a' la Deborah...

I wish I could discipline myself and sit down and finish off some of the many projects that I've begun.

On that list; 2 counted-cross stitch canvases, blanket, my scarf, Ezri's scarf, numerous jewelry projects (earrings, bracelets, necklaces), pillows, scrapbooks, sock puppets, teddy bear clothes, skirts, kippot and more...

Someday I'll be inspired and finish them all.


I hope.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Strong Like a Lion...

I missed the sunrise. I slept through it. But it's ok - G-d willing, I can catch it tomorrow.

Class was nice. We were an odd number and I was the odd one out. I worked in a group of three and the teacher watched us like a hawk. When we finished, I opted to forgo a treatment so that the other person in my group could be worked on. (She looked like she needed it.) My teacher noticed and called me over. She then proceeded to set up a bed and she worked on me. At the end of class she told me that I have a wonderful technique and a good touch. She also informed me that if I chose to I could do very well in the field of healing - (it's a little funny actually - she told me I seemed to be an energy sensitive person. Who woulda thunk?)

I decided to play chef for dinner. I got all fancy and made garlic knots and veggie soup. Shosh is practicing massage, a candle is burning steadily and King Arthur is playing softly in the background.

Between the relaxing and soothing scent of lavender oil, the ageless music and the comforting feeling of being in my own 'home' - I am quite mellow and dreamy.

I'm thinking of cleaning out the basement bathroom when I get Home tomorrow.

You know what that means.

I think I deserve it.

Don't you?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Morons, Walks and Talks...

Another Shabbos - gone...

Friday night was filled with 'fun' - Bothered Freddie and the Little Brother. Walked around the block many many times and I'm not sure if I made a friend or if I have unofficially been asked to never speak to this person again. It was nice while it lasted. I hate it when the 'where we are' of relationships are unclear. Well, I suppose it will all work out in the end.

Though, I really COULD have used a hug.

I managed to wake up on time for Shul - somehow. I realized how much I hate beards (all over again.) Clean shaven is 'totally' the way to go. There was a kiddush in Shul and I shmoozed with Vivi and Ora. After lunch I slept for two and a half hours then Ora came over and we headed out for a 'scenic' walk in the park. After wandering down a dirt path and through Old Bet Shemesh, we settled down on the grass in the Ampi where we spent a few hours shmoozing, resting and lounging in the sunshine. We actually had Seuda Shlishit, and then we sang (thank you Eli for leaving Home.) After havdala I felt the weight resettle and braced myself to face the week.

I think I'll go back to Jeru in the morning. This is another one of those 'messed up' weeks. I'll be Home Monday night and all of Tuesday and then need to go back on Wednesday for work. Of course this Thursday is the last Thursday of the month, so I don't work (b"H) which means, after class I'll be heading Home again.

I hope my family doesn't mind me being around so much.

I'm thinking positive and looking on the bright side.

It's all in H-shem's hands.

And remember,

Shabbos is coming...

Friday, March 24, 2006


If you haven't been following the Calvin N' Hobbes saga that has been unfolding all of this week on uComics, I suggest that you check it out. Just click on THIS (yes, on the word THIS - and then read the strip that opens and all of the strip until you reach today - then tune in for the final chapters in the next few days...)

The weather is taking a turn for HOT. At last check the thermometer was holding steady at 22C.

Aside from that; my house smells like fresh paint, I need to weed through the stuff that was on top of my closets, The bedroom I sleep in when I come Home reminds me distinctly of the rainforest after a downpour and the whole thing screams Sammy's name.

Green is HER color - not mine. There wasn't even any compromise - semi-blue-green/green-blue. It is just GREEN. I have nothing against green - heck, it was my favorite color for years - but it's just not my color.

At least I was useful, I made the challah. I hope it comes out okay.

And Shabbos is almost here.

If it is even 50% as good as the last five weeks have been - I would be thrilled.

What're the odds?

Stupid Boys...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

E...X...S? X...S...E? How Does it Go Again?

Yeah - I won't expound upon class. It was sketch - to say the very least.

Made it to work only 10 minutes late. Left on time, b"H!

At Home I changed into my 'party clothes' and we headed out to the Shomron to the Priesers, for Raquel's engagement party.

It was nice. I'm not at liberty to say anything more. I drank, danced, laughed, mingled and did everything BUT flirt. (Shosh, you should be so proud of me. It was so tempting - but I resisted. Come on!! It was an ENTIRE party of Aish guys. *sigh*)

We made it Home a little after midnight. I'm currently blogging while running my tongue over my whitestrips and smiling the smile that a certain somebody loves... ;)

I'm trying to figure out where to sleep. My bed is taken over by my own junk.

I think the time has come to clean - again...

Well, Pesach is on the way.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Kvetch...

I find it fascinating and intriguing that when I am feeling down - spending some time immersed in my favorite element almost never fails to brighten my mood.

I have always wondered which of the basic elements was my favorite. It is a very difficult decision. For those of you who don't know science and/or aren't into folklore and fantasy - there are 5 basic elements that I am speaking about; Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit. Frankly, I feel that spirit imbues them all - but most place it in its own category. For now spirit can define the indefinable - the 'Heavenly Hosts' and such.

We really do need all five of these to survive. Without fire we would have no light, heat or warmth. Without air we could not breathe and none of our physiological processes would run. Without water not only would we die a painful death from dehydration - but nothing would grow and the world would be a desert. Earth - we live on it and we use it. I'm not sure, but free-floating through space doesn't sound overly conducive to whatever goal we are supposed to be achieving in the big picture - in addition, without the land we would essentially have nothing to eat (I mean 'healthful' stuff, not the chemicals that are engineered by scientists and then stuck on the shelves in the grocery stores.) As for spirit - all I am going to say is that everybody needs Something to believe in.

After much thought, I have concluded that of all of these - water is the one I feel most connected to. Don't get me wrong, I am an obsessive pyromaniac (as all of my friends know), I do breathe (and properly too), Hiking, gardening and 'playing with dirt' is a favorite pastime and I'll stay away from spirit for the obvious reasons (because it's none of your beeswax what I do or do not believe in.) BUT - Water, the cleansing, natural, wet stuff that occupies a goodly portion of the planet's surface is THE one that calls to me.

I have long wondered why and still do - though I found it amusing that it could relate to my 'star sign' which is Cancer (the crab.) Unfortunately my 'Zodiac' book is at Home this week - so I cannot do any reading about the 'Jewish' approach nonetheless, all of the sources that I have checked out seem to point towards the conclusive evidence that as a result of being born at the time of year and at the time of the month that I was - I am 'ruled by the moon and drawn to the water.'

Eerily enough, this sounds just like me. I thrive in the nighttime and I adore the moon in all of her majestic mystery. Secrets and faithfulness (according to my friends - or everyone that I asked anyway - and possibly the reason people feel that they can speak to me.)

Anyway, the point of this post was really just to say that I love water. Swimming, Walking in the rain, Drinking, Splashing in puddles and even doing the dishes when there's no other reason to get my hands wet.

It's cleansing and refreshing.

I love it...

For more information - follow a link and read on or do your own search. They all seem to say the same thing - (Hmm, I wonder why...)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mellow and Marsh...

The plumber never called. Should I be surprised?

Why is my biological clock set for 6:30 a.m.?

I am officially on a chocolate-chip cookie diet. :) (Well, they're not ALL bad. I mean, chocolate IS a vegetable...)

Maybe tomorrow I will go and choose some fabric for a new skirt for Pesach. That's the only way I'll get one - so I guess it depends on how badly I want a new skirt...

I got an e-mail - it didn't make me smile though.

Freddie - I had a MAJOR craving. I hit the deli n' chips again. Missed you though.

I'm on this kick again and I seriously hate it. What I want I cannot have.

Uncertainty overwhelms me. I can't decide what to do?

At least Shabbos is coming.

If I'm lucky - it will be good.

I think I may have to ask a new 'friend' to do a favor for me.

I hope they don't mind...

I learned something new today: The hippocampus was a fabled sea animal from Greek mythology. It was found in classical myth. It resembles a horse with the hind parts of a fish or dolphin. The chariot of Poseidon was drawn by a hippocampus. The name comes from the Greek hippos, horse; and kampos, sea monster.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Frizzle Frazzle and Onwards...

On Mondays I always wonder to myself - "How can it be Monday?" Though I am never certain what intonation and enunciation I would employ were I to voice my thoughts. Am I surprised that it is Monday again? Am I wondering how I will make it through the week? What exactly is going through my mind? I wonder.

I was a slacker today. I did something that I have not done since my Senior year of high school. I ditched school today. I know, I should be ashamed of myself - but I'm really not. I needed a break and to do something 'out of the ordinary' so I skipped class and started cleaning for Pesach instead. I don't regret it - I just can't believe I did it. I always threaten to - and I finally made good on my threats.

Shosh and I explored all of the alleyways, side-streets and dark places behind the shuk. I loved it - felt like a time warp and quite the adventure.

A word about work - I'm liking this new set-up. Certain people not being around. Other people there. It's all good.

Tonight should be quiet aside from somebody stopping by to pick up something that I don't really want to be responsible for anymore.

I saw my Nootch for about five minutes. I was the 'invisible' neighbor once again.

Oh yeah, the plumber called (finally) - he'll call tomorrow and come soon thereafter (I hope.)

For now - a BIG salad, some mini chocolate chip cookies and my book...

If Shosh is quiet.. *wink wink nod nod* MWAH! Love you Dunce!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

What the Hickey?!?..

Waking up this morning was VERY low on my list of priorities. But I dragged myself out of bed and made myself look as presentable as possible. We caught the bus and I was honored by being offered the seat of doom.

Class was supposed to start an hour early - but we started an hour late instead. I still cannot tolerate stupid people. We learned cool stuff today though - 'ear candling' and 'cupping.' I was volunteered (ok, so I volunteered myself - details details...) for cupping. Basically - they suction cupped 6-8 (I'm not sure because I can't see my back) cups to my back. The general idea is to increase blood flow by creating a vacuum and breaking the superficial capillaries enclosed within the bubble. In layman's terms - they put these cups on your back, pump out the air and the skin under the cups that gets pulled up into the cups turns all sorts of pretty colors. The better your circulation - the faster it turns hues of purple, maroon and violet.

I must be healthy because as soon as they sucked the cups onto me - the welts turned purpley-bluish. My teacher warned us that the bruises would take anywhere from 3 days to two weeks to disappear. I didn't think that the marks would actually stick around as I generally don't bruise and I usually heal quickly - but when I got back to the apartment I checked in the mirror and there they were - deep purple and quite vivid.

There is a new 'seating arrangement' at the office. I am quite excited! I get to work with Ray now!! YAY! She's soooo cute and sooo sweet!! (Yes, I really do mean that from the depths of my heart. I hope you can deal with me and my enthusiasm. I promise I'll try not to slap you in the face - and I even promise to ask you lots of questions! Do you think that you can you handle that?)

The weather is taking a turn for the most glorious season - I adore the springtime!

Picnics in the park. Reading in the shade of a tree. Dozing in the warm sunshine.

I can't wait.

Hey, I can even bring along my new football.

It has yet to be tested.

Now all I need is somebody to play with...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Certain as the Sun - Rising in the East...

Erev Shabbos was unusually calm. Then Shabbos began...

Erev Shabbos - Nootch came. Chocolate chip cookies. Noodle Kugel. Mister Zol. PeAnut.

Friday night - well, I reciprocated this week and walked the guys home from shul for once. Mommy and Daddy went out to the Clark's oneg and Sammy went walking with little brother and the sidekick so I was left with Dibble and Moonbeam. While reading them the fifth Dr. Seuss book they both fell asleep. (I can't say that I blame them. Scrambled Eggs Super is NOT one of my favorites.)

Shabbos day rolled in with a beautiful sunrise and I fully enjoyed the calm before the day began. Made it to Shul on time and things were good. After davening I had to decide which kiddush to go to. I decided to go to the one next-door (mostly because it was closer to Home. But, it was for a friend and he did deserve a mazal tov.) Dibble made kiddush with Daddy and I held his cup (again.) After the meal I decided that the hammock would be the best place to rest, so I got myself all comfy and after giving Nootch a speech about how we weren't going anywhere because nobody was going to come and get us if anything was going on, I promptly fell asleep in the sunshine. About twenty minutes later Nootch woke me up, "You'll never guess who is down-stairs." I threw on a skirt over my pjs, tried to get myself into some semblence of order and headed downstairs to see for myself. Sure enough - there they were, listening to Daddy go on and on about something or other in his fake broken Hebrew. I pitied them so I quickly grabbed my sneakers and out we went.

A quick word about Shabbos Walks - difficulty is set depending on who you walk with. The company today set a pretty low standard, but it was a beautiful walk. We went slowly and that allowed us to enjoy the scenery. I didn't fall into the water (though there were two chances for me to) and I didn't 'jump' either (it was undiginified, I know. You know what, don't get me started.) I really do appreciate the gang - when they're not pretending that I am invisible, I really do enjoy spending time with them. I did make a few rules before we set out - 1. no fence-jumping 2. no thorns and 3. no barbed wire. At least they respected my wishes and at the end, they even humored me and we walked back along the road rather than navigating through yet another field.

Shabbos ended quickly after the walk. I was ever so sad to see it go - as always. I got to hold the havdala candle though, first time in a looong while.

I had planned some Motza"sh fun - but was informed that it wouldn't work out. However, at the last minute things all turned around and so I was very excited. We made a HUGE salad and a batch of garlic knots, called the company and sent out word that it would be a pajama party extravaganza. In the basement we all got comfortable and settled in to watch Beauty and the Beast. There were any number of morals to be learned from it and we discussed them too. It was quite educational. Of course, the best part was being with friends who don't mind whether or not you can sing and don't mind whether or not you do sing along. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Disney?! I'm thinking I'm going to be in a princess mood this week - and NO, this has nothing to do with my adventures this past summer. If anything there is a direct correlation between my over-active imagination and reading too much.

Tomorrow begins a new week. My first 'regular' week in about a month or so. I'm kind of looking forward to it - but I'm really looking forward to next Shabbos. Hopefully everything will work out as planned and the people who need to be around will be. On a happy note - I have plans for next Motza"sh already - I think Saturday night makes a great 'movie night.' Especially when it's with friends and they don't mind your commentary. :)

Next week - "Let's follow that trail..."

"Miguel... Ummm, Miguel... It's not working..."

"Tchshh Tchshh..."

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nuances and Nuisances...

Today was a pretty typical perfect day. Nothing went too right and nothing went too wrong. I finished the things that needed to be finished and didn't do things that I wasn't supposed to do.

Yep, I feel like I was productive today.

However, I have been wondering a few things - rhetorically of course...

So I'm wondering - am I flypaper for people who need someone to talk to? I REALLY don't mind - I mean, I love being able to listen and help people (and I do have certain advantages over other people...) but seriously - why do people feel comfortable speaking to me?

Do they sense that a secret is safe with me? Can they tell that I will give them an honest opinion? Do they realize that I will do my best to help them?

What is it?

Oh yes - and on a totally different topic - my funniest phrase for the week had to be THE one that went completely unnoticed. Of all the people that I know, I believe that only I could profess and proclaim such a thing in a verbal dance and watch it be brushed off as a joke without breaking down in tears.

"You are a moron, but a very cute moron nonetheless..."

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Purim Prizes and Cutie Pies...

Whoa. Things went ever so quickly today. Costumes, Music, Chayalim, Prizes, Booths, Friends, Friendships and more...

Of course there were the ironies - but they seem to be the one constant thing that I can rely on in my life.

Tomorrow is back to routine - sort of... I mean, it's back to school and work for me.

Oh yeah, I got three phone-numbers that I have been trying to get for a loooong time :) AND a standing offer from somebody with a car to call if I ever decide to make time and go out on a tiyul.

Where this all leads - we shall see...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm Not as Thrunk as I Dought...

Here's my second post - because I did say it would be a 2 post day.

Not much happened.

I spent Purim in the kitchen baking and having a good time - like we always do.

I got an E-mail that I was waiting for and it made me smile.

Saba & Savta came over for the seudah - so we had to go easy on the drinking.

I must peel my eye-balls. They are totally dried out and are sorely in need of some 'airing out.'

Still don't know what to wear tomorrow to carnival -

- 'the gown'
- regular clothes
- regular clothes + a tichel

Any advice welcome.

Purim Sameach to everybody in walled cities - and Happy Shushan Purim to the rest of us...

V'nahapoch Hu!!!

I love this holiday to a certain extent. I mean, we were saved and things were happening and it's a happy time.

Anywho - today will be a 2 post day - how unusual...

I decided to put up some pics. of me in my gown. Mostly for Shosh and Becca - but partly for the poor souls in my office whom I have abandoned for the alcohol and parties... *wink wink nod nod.*

It was a whim. It won't happen again (well, for a very long time anyway.)

For the record, I am not impressed with my photographer's work. But sometimes, you've gotta work with what you've got. (Thanks Brenda, I really do appreciate it...)

Can you tell that the dress is messed up because we had to alter it and take it in like 2.5 sizes?


I didn't think so...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sorely Lacking in Handsome Princes...

Went into the office two hours early. Nootch came to visit and finally saw my 'cute little' office. I Left at 3:30 when the boss said, "you've been such good little girls, you can go Home early today."

The bus-ride was interesting. Explain to me WHY exactly the stupid dude decided to sit next to me!?!?

The gown had problems. Let's leave it at that. The thing refused to line up. At least my hair looked pretty - thank you Shosh!!!

Megillah was as crazy as usual. The costumes were great. I love this neighborhood. Even my father has gotten into the spirit. I mean, in America he NEVER dressed up - here though, he had NO problem whatsoever going to shul wearing a big yellow M&M costume.

Megillah is at 7:00 tomorrow morning. I'll have to be up pretty early. Hehehe...

Dunno what to wear tomorrow. My gown? A tichel? Should I try to look Israeli? (that never fails to get a chuckle from the crowd...)

It's so much fun but such a pain - in this neck of the woods we have to get dressed up 3 times.

At least everyone gets into it!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Vacation Days and the Shuk...

My teacher had Pneumonia so she decided to shorten class.

Work was a few hours of filing and a few hours of hysterical laughter. I informed my boss that I needed to take off for both days of Purim. I explained, I'm frum like that...

Walked home and fortified myself on Mommy's chicken soup. I figured I should probably eat something today considering tomorrow is a fast day.

Then again - maybe I shouldn't have eaten. I need for my swollen stomach to go flat again. What is wrong with it? Anybody have any ideas? I wouldn't mind if it didn't hurt - but it does. Oh well. You think I'd be used to it by now.

Anywho - lots to look forward to...

I'm leaving work early tomorrow to head Home for PURIM!! Hopefully my gown will be all better - though I still have NO idea what to do with my hair. Should I chance straightening it or would it look cuter if I pulled back the fronts and braided them on the side?


Decisions - Decisions...

Any advice for a bedraggled princess?

Help please...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tea Time...

Dear Diary,

Ok, I'll stop there. More for your sake than for mine.

How is it possible that things keep going so darn well on Shabbos?

This is the third weekend in a row that has turned out beautifully.

Friday night was quiet. I was asleep before ten and slept straight through the night.

Woke up with plenty of time until Shul. It was Parshat Zachor and I was there on time.

After the meal I was going to take my Shabbos snooze but headed out to say hi to Shani. As usual, we wound up talking and shmoozing for quite a while about nothing in particular. Eventually another one joined the group and by the time the sun had made its way across the sky and was sinking behind the houses we headed over to the Ampi. On the stage we sat and shmoozed some more, watched the races and had an all around good time.

It is good to catch up with friends when time has gone by and you start to drift apart.

Of course somehow we wound up having tea and then I was invited to see the library.

Now, as you all know - books are basically my best friends. They can take you anywhere and beyond all you need is the imagination and the desire to go.

Well, imagine walking into a room and in front of you are shelves and shelves of books. A comfortable and inviting chair is offered to you. You sit down and sink into it. All around you the air laden with the scent of books and ancient tomes. It takes you back in a sense - to a world you've never been a part of - a world denied to you by virtue of the fact that you live in the present and that the past to you can be no more than a distant memory or a story told.

Laughter and memories shared and then Home.

Shabbos ended and as always, I was sad to see it go.

Motzash had much excitement in store. I was supposed to be going back to Jerusalem but somehow I made a deal - if I helped the little people make hamentashen then my costume would receive it's required alterations. It sounded good to me - so I agreed to the barter and helped Dibble and Moonbeam bake.

Brenda is finishing up the project as I blog and the machine is sewing furiously.

As things stand - the points refuse to line up and the bodice is being a pain.

Nonetheless, Mommy is trying her best to salvage the gown and fix up yet another mess of mine.

I seem to be good at creating havoc, chaos and mayhem.

How do I do it?

I don't know.

Tomorrow it's back to school and work - but Purim is this week and there are MANY things to look forward to.

I'm excited.

I just hope everything works out.

It will - I'm sure.

I know Who is in charge...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Kids in Orange Vests...

Woke up, packed and made my way Home.

Ate cookie dough and egged the challah.

The dibble didn't look like himself - so I didn't recognize him. Seriously. It was pretty funny when I asked who Avi's friend was and everyone was like - ummm, that's Avi Chai.

Freddie left, Eli isn't Home and I think it is going to be a quiet Shabbos.

I will try to get attention - but - I don't know that anyone will be around to kidnap. We'll see.

At least Mommy has agreed to do the required alterations on my gown (yeah, the one from three years ago. It's a little too big nowadays, I wonder why...)

Anywho, I think I'll wear it next week - at night at least. I'm sort of paranoid about wearing it to the carnival - it could get so dirty!

Actually - I guess the big question now is whether or not I will even BE at carnival.

The real world sure does stink when it conflicts with the things that you want to do...

Have a great Shabbos!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Searching for ___?___...

This morning when I finally woke up, I was certain that it was Wednesday.

The sand/dust-storm that blew in brought with it hurricane winds, rain and dirt.

Work was pretty quiet. I filed for two hours and worked on random stuff for the last hour. I also left half-an-hour early in order to go home and get ready for the wedding.

I was dressed and ready to go in just 25 record minutes. Becca and I headed out.

The wedding was beautiful. Miriam is the amazingly special kind of person who makes every single person that she comes in contact with feel special. Aside from the automatic bond that develops over a year and a half of Seminary - we've never really been all that close - but every time I see her she greets me and smiles and I feel that warm feeling that you get from talking to and being around one of those people who spreads warmth and light.

She gave me such a special bracha. All I can say is that if even 1/3 of it comes true - I will truly be leading a Blessed life.

Of couse the wedding turned into more of an Afikei reunion that anything else. It was SO good to see old friends, teachers and rebbeim. Sadly, because I have no free time - I never see them any more - but the thing is, they have no idea how much they inspired me and how much of an impact my time with them had on my life. I wish I could express my feelings to them - but they hear it from so many of their students - how much of a difference could my story make?

I'm going to head Home tomorrow morning. Shabbos will be quiet because Freddie won't be Home - she is going away. I will miss her. I guess it'll just be another quiet Shabbos - unless I can grab some attention from people and actually do something.
Just for once I'd like to be the pretty/skinny/cute one that people cross the room to speak to. I'd like to be the smart, intellectual cutie that everybody wants to talk to.

I'm pathetic.

I know.

Forget it...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gutsy Bravado Burning Shame...

Well, Sammy and Raizi showed up a little after 2:00 in the morning. We managed to get to sleep at a little after 3:00.

I was up at 7:00 and peeled the potatos and onions for our 'hotel breakfast.' I woke Sammy at 8:30 and at 9:00 I got a call from Mommy, "Can we come for breakfast?" I said yes and it was planned. I peeled some more potatos, we put the stuff up to cook and soon Mommy, Daddy and Eli showed up. They came bearing taste-treats and all was good. Breakfast turned out yum and it was really nice to entertain.

I have decided that I really like the apartment that I am renting. So much so that if i could I would buy it and totally fix it up. It is an ideal place to be. Granted it needs MAJOR renovation and is basically a total do-over - but it has such potential.

I left for work and sauntered to the office. It was chilly out and at the office things were quietish. When I left the weather had turned colder and windy to boot. I walked home quickly - stopping only to pick up some more of the whole wheat pitot. (They are REALLY good.)

Becca is here. I simply can't believe it. My brain doesn't accept it. It is so good to see her and hear her voice! I hope she realizes how happy I am that she is really here!!!

Tomorrow is going to be insane. No class, work, wedding and then to go Home or not to go Home - time will tell.

I need a drink and Fringe and Frizzie are telling me that bed-time was a long time ago and that I missed my curfew. Toffee is not going to be pleased. Betcha he'll hog the pillow all night just to spite me.


Who can argue with their teddy when the teddy is 110% right?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Cookie Factory...

Woke up at 7:00 and thought it would be just another ordinary day.

I was wrong.

Between a surprise visit from Harv, Doing laundry, Reading, Comics and cleaning in general - things just felt strange.

The weather was warm but the wind was a chilly and biting force.

Even things at the office were a little freaky.

It was like everybody knew something that I didn't know. Which they did. But I am not there yet.

I walked home and got comfy on the couch in my PJs. Deborah called me and we got to shmooze - voice to voice for the first time since Sukkot!!

And then - Nootch showed up.

She forced me to get up and dressed and out I went with nothing more than my wallet and cell-phone. To where? To town. To where in town? To a quaint and romantic little place where we shared a salad and shmoozed. Then we walked back to TM where we parted ways.

I got a call from Mommy telling me to call Freddie who it seems was on the way back from her tiyul shnati when the bus broke down. She wasn't going to make the last bus to Bet Shemesh so she and Raizi wanted to know if they could crash. I said "why not?" and we made plans for a special 'Hotel Breakfast' - you know, eggs and hashed-browns and of course orange juice.

Back in my apartment once again - I got comfy in my PJs on the couch and suddenly there was a knock on the door. 'A delivery for a Lori Polly' was the response I got when I requested a name or identifying anything. I giggled to myself maniacally as I opened the door and knew there was something afoot.



I proceeded to hug her silly, scream, cry and almost pass out with sheer excitement and disbelief. I can't believe everyone managed to keep it a secret from me.

To sum up the events that followed - I ate almost a whole package of Alpha Chocolate. I laughed, giggled, screamed and was in a general state of shock.

As a matter of fact - I am still in shock.

And now that it is 1:27am I am wondering - where the bloop are Raizi and Freddie? What in blue blazes is going on? How?

And the all around - generally confused question of:



Monday, March 06, 2006

I've Simply Got to Finish the Roll...

Class - I went, I worked, I left.

Yay for organic whole wheat pasta! It's not as bad as one would have expected. Really. It's not.

Walked to work. Stopped at the shuk and replenished the stocks. In the office I was the only person there to answer phones, send faxes, send e-mails, take dictations, clean up the conference table which meant filing and filing and filing. Basically - it was a hard day.

I look haggard and tired. That's what my boss told me anyway. Actually, he told me I looked tired, I added the haggard in for good measure and because it is true. Walked back to the ranch and tried to decide what to do with my evening.

I think I'll watch Ever After. It's been a while.

Or maybe I'll read - I started O. Henry's 'Whirligigs' - and am in the middle of 'Sophie's World' and my new ten-in-one 'The Great Book of Amber' of course there are the other four books I have sitting on my window-sill, but I've read them all before - so I can pick them up and finish them at any point I choose.

I think that this week I will try something new. I will not be going onto AIM. Yes, I know - it sounds positively dotty but, I think it will be good for me. Though it will be sad not to plan Shabbos fun with Michali and Brenda.

Oh yes, I have yet to meet the moose.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Meningitis - Inflammation of the Meninges...

When Freddie woke up at 5:20 to get ready for her tiyul shnati I also woke up. By 7:00 I was packed and bored - but I decided to sit around at Home for an extra half-hour so as to avoid the 'old-people' crush.

Class was hard to sit through - I attribute the hyperactivity to a severe lack of sleep and an overdose of beautiful music and fair weather.

The walk back from work was quite productive. My persistence has finally paid off. I found a little bakery who sells whole wheat pitot. I know, I know - there are tons of places that have whole wheat pita - well, you know what? I've been looking for two weeks and haven't been able to find any. So for me this is exciting!

Hopefully I will get out of class early tomorrow and will get lucky like I was last week. Why? So that I can go on an expedition through the wilds of the shuk to replenish our supply of fresh fruits and veggies.

I need to convince my boss to let me take off from work on 'Shushan Purim' - or I won't be able to go to carnival. That would be DEVASTATING!! (well, it would be for me anyway. It's one of the most amazing things - to see how our whole neighborhood family really joins together and turns out such an amazing event.)

A random thought with no proper beginning or end - it's sort of like the middle of a thought, but I'm not sure what to add to it. It can be taken in so many ways. I saw a movie last night and one of the ending lines was the amazing insight which allows people to understand how to "Love completely, without understanding." It refers to a love that overlooks any shortcomings and is there unbreakable and strong - no matter what.

Strange things are moving in on the horizon. They are not storm-clouds, nor are they rainclouds. I'm not sure what they are - but they are a sure sign of change.

Which makes me smile.

I could use a change.

I am ready.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Feel Better Daddy...

Let me start off with an extremely expressive and dreamy sounding *SIGH* of sheer delight.

It has been even longer than I can remember that I was Home for a Shabbos and EVERYTHING worked out. I'm not even sure HOW, all I know was it was a day of rest and I encountered sheer bliss every which way I turned. Somehow, everything went my way!

I guess I should start with choosing what to wear Friday night, I wore PINK (again.) Shul was nice (though we got there a little late...) The weather was incredible and the night sky was so clear that the stars could be seen twinkling up in the big bluish-blackish stuff. After the meal the three sisters headed out for a 'sivuv' of the street. On the way we kept bumping into people so we stopped to shmooze. By the time we started walking again, we had gained quite a following and somehow when plans were dashed - I almost wound up as the pyre of the bonfire after walking all over the shadow and we visited the Greens.

Next stop - My house, for a grand tour of the basement, followed by one of THE most hysterical Dr. Seuss readings I have gotten in a VERY long time! Of course there was a 'magic show' and much recitation of Monty Python in general - you silly English Kuh-nig-it!! Somehow I wound up walking to Aviv and back again, a Lori Story of grand proportion. Upon our return to our side of town I ruined a party, turned down cookies, cake and Brownim and headed Home. Actually, I was walked Home. I love the guys around here, such chivalry! (Though, I'm still determined to hear Fox in Socks read by somebody in particular. He says it'll never happen - but I beg to differ. I'll keep nudging. I'm good at that. Plus, Freddie says that I'm cute.)

I went to sleep and I am happy to say I had chalomot paz, 100%.

Was up at 5:30 - watched the sky grow light and rejoiced in the beauty of the calm before the day begins. Was the first person at Shul. (I was even there before Jay who had they key...) I then proceeded to nap on the sofa and woke up right on time to go across the street. Ora came and we took Eli, Peretz, Ezri, Avi and Baruch with us for some quality time out of doors. We found a great spot on the grass and sat ourselves down while the boys ran around and vented their energy. A friend showed up and between me and Ora we taught him how to play rummikub. We also learned about the lack of blue roses in nature and just how annoying little brothers can be. (Not you 'Little Brother' - you're a good one!) We learned parsha (which was fascinating and reminded me once again how much I miss learning!!)

As the sun went down we headed back to The street. Another chance arose to say 'hello' and then I headed Home once again. We shmoozed on the front porch until the men started to gather for Ma'ariv, signaling that Shabbos was soon going to be at an end.

Yes, as I have mentioned before - The end of Shabbos is the saddest part of the week for me.

After havdalah I headed out with Freddie and Mommy to do some quick shopping for Freddie's tiyul shnati for which she leaves tomorrow morning at about 5:30. (YES, in the MORNING!!) Back at Home Brenda made some pizza, we debated about Murphy's origin, Michal came over and we had an all around smahsing good time eating all of the pizza (oliveless due to Brenda's love of the salty little things.)

After that things calmed down. Surprise visitors, White-strips, Dibble and the oven mitt and of course Rupert - my stuffed puppy dog.

He's cute, soft and fluffy. His nose is soft and he is great to snuggle with. Stupid boy, doesn't realize that you're not supposed to squash your teddy with your cheek - that's what your pillow is for. Rather, a teddy bear is meant to be held with loving care, folded in your arms -
safe and warm...

Friday, March 03, 2006

Puddles, Pickles and Mayhem...

Mommy and Daddy took Eli into Jerusalem to find out once and for all whether or not he actually has asthma.

Of course, this left me and Freddie in charge of the remainder of the Shabbos cooking. Soup, Noodles, Challah and Cookies. Sounds pretty straightforward, no?

Well, the adventure really began when I put all of the sugar into the mixer with the margarine and then leaned over to turn on the converter - of course I neglected to check the status of the 'power switch' and upon activating the converter the mixer started spinning at full speed, flinging suger and molasses to all five corners of the room. I thought it couldn't get any more amusing and then the flour bag split open. At least the eggs went smoothly - no new yellow stains on the poor cookbook today.

We're trying out these new 'bleach-pens' - because all of our white clothes seem to be stained. (This should come as no surprise to you, if you followed the saga in the last paragraph.) It's a last resort - but we figure, at this point it can't hurt and it might even help.

Amusingly enough I found out that while on vacation my darling mother gave out my blog address. I don't really mind, I mean - that's what a blog is for - to be read. Plus, it makes the number on my hit-counter go up and that always makes me happy. :)

Shabbos is coming soon and I am wearing a tichel in preparation for my Purim costume. In addition I am drinking large quantities of water, so that I don't dehydrate. I figured it was a good idea. Especially since I've been learning about how bad it is for one's body not to have enough liquid.

Uh-oh, the challah bowl needs to be scraped.

Hehe, well off I go to do my chores!

Have a great Shabbos!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hot Buns in a Booth...

Class was interesting (as usual) - we learned about the liver and the kidneys and all sorts of exciting things like coenzymes and toxins.

Walked to work cause the weather was marvelous.

The boss was back but I didn't really do much for him - spent most of my time drinking with the gals and entering information into the database.

Left on time and walked back home to get the BIG bag. The whole walk to TM I was wishing that I would bump into somebody who would carry the stupid bag - but to no avail. I battled my way through the line and made it up to the third floor just in time to miss my bus.

The next bus finally pulled up and I got on. It was jam-packed, so no getting comfortable for me. Soon I was back in Bet Shemesh. I sauntered Home where I greeted Mommy, said 'hi' to Daddy and got lots and lots of presents.

I got a new jacket and shirts and things I'm not allowed to write because it wouldn't be appropriate (wink wink nod nod) and I got socks and a cool bazillion-sided nail file thingy (which I can't use until my nails start to grow back...) and Mommy even got me my book. I am so excited, I can't wait to read it!!

I think that Shabbos afternoon will be spent in my most comfortable scrubs with my teddy bear, curled up in the sunshine on the hammock up on the fourth floor where nobody can bother me.

Except maybe my Freddie - cause I love her sooooo much!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Searchlights in the Sky...

Well, my phone beeped at 6:16 this morning because somebody sent me an SMS. So, that is when I woke up.

By 8:00 I was bored out of my mind.

By 12:00 all I wanted was to get out.

And so at 1:20 I did.

I decided to walk but at TM I got stuck in a jam because there was a chefetz chashud so I headed into the minhara and over to the other side.

The office was quiet because there were NO bosses. I went to the post-office (which I hate) and then tackled the closets - I was really in my element - there were so many wires and cables that I got to untangle, wrap and rubber-band. Anyway, by the time I was done - well, in short - My Daddy woulda been proud of me. Then I put together 160-something Media Kits.

Walked back to the apartment. It only took 25 mimutes (I got stopped at EVERY traffic-light. How is it that they always turn RED when I get there! Eisav must be out to get me!)

Hopefully tonight will be quiet. I am glad that I did not make plans as I don't think that I am presentable for societal mingling. Basically - I am a run-down wreck. I need Shabbos soooo badly. Hopefully the weather will hold and the right people will be around and all will be well.

I would love to spend time with a certain somebody - but things never seem to work out. Chances are they won't even be in the neighborhood. Alas. I shall have to wait on the pancake rumors.

Oh yeah - Mommy is coming Home tomorrow. That's exciting!