Saturday, March 18, 2006

Certain as the Sun - Rising in the East...

Erev Shabbos was unusually calm. Then Shabbos began...

Erev Shabbos - Nootch came. Chocolate chip cookies. Noodle Kugel. Mister Zol. PeAnut.

Friday night - well, I reciprocated this week and walked the guys home from shul for once. Mommy and Daddy went out to the Clark's oneg and Sammy went walking with little brother and the sidekick so I was left with Dibble and Moonbeam. While reading them the fifth Dr. Seuss book they both fell asleep. (I can't say that I blame them. Scrambled Eggs Super is NOT one of my favorites.)

Shabbos day rolled in with a beautiful sunrise and I fully enjoyed the calm before the day began. Made it to Shul on time and things were good. After davening I had to decide which kiddush to go to. I decided to go to the one next-door (mostly because it was closer to Home. But, it was for a friend and he did deserve a mazal tov.) Dibble made kiddush with Daddy and I held his cup (again.) After the meal I decided that the hammock would be the best place to rest, so I got myself all comfy and after giving Nootch a speech about how we weren't going anywhere because nobody was going to come and get us if anything was going on, I promptly fell asleep in the sunshine. About twenty minutes later Nootch woke me up, "You'll never guess who is down-stairs." I threw on a skirt over my pjs, tried to get myself into some semblence of order and headed downstairs to see for myself. Sure enough - there they were, listening to Daddy go on and on about something or other in his fake broken Hebrew. I pitied them so I quickly grabbed my sneakers and out we went.

A quick word about Shabbos Walks - difficulty is set depending on who you walk with. The company today set a pretty low standard, but it was a beautiful walk. We went slowly and that allowed us to enjoy the scenery. I didn't fall into the water (though there were two chances for me to) and I didn't 'jump' either (it was undiginified, I know. You know what, don't get me started.) I really do appreciate the gang - when they're not pretending that I am invisible, I really do enjoy spending time with them. I did make a few rules before we set out - 1. no fence-jumping 2. no thorns and 3. no barbed wire. At least they respected my wishes and at the end, they even humored me and we walked back along the road rather than navigating through yet another field.

Shabbos ended quickly after the walk. I was ever so sad to see it go - as always. I got to hold the havdala candle though, first time in a looong while.

I had planned some Motza"sh fun - but was informed that it wouldn't work out. However, at the last minute things all turned around and so I was very excited. We made a HUGE salad and a batch of garlic knots, called the company and sent out word that it would be a pajama party extravaganza. In the basement we all got comfortable and settled in to watch Beauty and the Beast. There were any number of morals to be learned from it and we discussed them too. It was quite educational. Of course, the best part was being with friends who don't mind whether or not you can sing and don't mind whether or not you do sing along. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Disney?! I'm thinking I'm going to be in a princess mood this week - and NO, this has nothing to do with my adventures this past summer. If anything there is a direct correlation between my over-active imagination and reading too much.

Tomorrow begins a new week. My first 'regular' week in about a month or so. I'm kind of looking forward to it - but I'm really looking forward to next Shabbos. Hopefully everything will work out as planned and the people who need to be around will be. On a happy note - I have plans for next Motza"sh already - I think Saturday night makes a great 'movie night.' Especially when it's with friends and they don't mind your commentary. :)

Next week - "Let's follow that trail..."

"Miguel... Ummm, Miguel... It's not working..."

"Tchshh Tchshh..."


debsy said...

not next shabbos, and not the shabbos after, but the shabbos after that........!!!!!! YAY I'm so excited!!! pls don't make plans i'm making them for u (if u want to come that is)!! Anyway -there were a few other things i was going to comment on but i got sidetracked and don't remember! Something to do with princesses castles a distant country..... ;-)

tevie said...

i wish i was invited to the party :*( big sisters = mean :P jk

Beauty and the Beast eh, best moral: just if someone is hairy and strong and
may look scarry, does not mean he is a bad guy u can even love him (aka my best buddy :) and ill leave it at that (i wont go into detales hehe )

Sassy Madricha said...

Sounds like you had such a splendiferous Shabbos Lolly!

A princess sounds like a good mood to be in this week. I think I'll be the frog. It's definetely how I feel...

Love ya!!

Michalie said...

huh? whos sidecick?????
well, anyhow, hope you had fun watching beauty and the beast... sorry i couldnt be there...