Saturday, March 04, 2006

Feel Better Daddy...

Let me start off with an extremely expressive and dreamy sounding *SIGH* of sheer delight.

It has been even longer than I can remember that I was Home for a Shabbos and EVERYTHING worked out. I'm not even sure HOW, all I know was it was a day of rest and I encountered sheer bliss every which way I turned. Somehow, everything went my way!

I guess I should start with choosing what to wear Friday night, I wore PINK (again.) Shul was nice (though we got there a little late...) The weather was incredible and the night sky was so clear that the stars could be seen twinkling up in the big bluish-blackish stuff. After the meal the three sisters headed out for a 'sivuv' of the street. On the way we kept bumping into people so we stopped to shmooze. By the time we started walking again, we had gained quite a following and somehow when plans were dashed - I almost wound up as the pyre of the bonfire after walking all over the shadow and we visited the Greens.

Next stop - My house, for a grand tour of the basement, followed by one of THE most hysterical Dr. Seuss readings I have gotten in a VERY long time! Of course there was a 'magic show' and much recitation of Monty Python in general - you silly English Kuh-nig-it!! Somehow I wound up walking to Aviv and back again, a Lori Story of grand proportion. Upon our return to our side of town I ruined a party, turned down cookies, cake and Brownim and headed Home. Actually, I was walked Home. I love the guys around here, such chivalry! (Though, I'm still determined to hear Fox in Socks read by somebody in particular. He says it'll never happen - but I beg to differ. I'll keep nudging. I'm good at that. Plus, Freddie says that I'm cute.)

I went to sleep and I am happy to say I had chalomot paz, 100%.

Was up at 5:30 - watched the sky grow light and rejoiced in the beauty of the calm before the day begins. Was the first person at Shul. (I was even there before Jay who had they key...) I then proceeded to nap on the sofa and woke up right on time to go across the street. Ora came and we took Eli, Peretz, Ezri, Avi and Baruch with us for some quality time out of doors. We found a great spot on the grass and sat ourselves down while the boys ran around and vented their energy. A friend showed up and between me and Ora we taught him how to play rummikub. We also learned about the lack of blue roses in nature and just how annoying little brothers can be. (Not you 'Little Brother' - you're a good one!) We learned parsha (which was fascinating and reminded me once again how much I miss learning!!)

As the sun went down we headed back to The street. Another chance arose to say 'hello' and then I headed Home once again. We shmoozed on the front porch until the men started to gather for Ma'ariv, signaling that Shabbos was soon going to be at an end.

Yes, as I have mentioned before - The end of Shabbos is the saddest part of the week for me.

After havdalah I headed out with Freddie and Mommy to do some quick shopping for Freddie's tiyul shnati for which she leaves tomorrow morning at about 5:30. (YES, in the MORNING!!) Back at Home Brenda made some pizza, we debated about Murphy's origin, Michal came over and we had an all around smahsing good time eating all of the pizza (oliveless due to Brenda's love of the salty little things.)

After that things calmed down. Surprise visitors, White-strips, Dibble and the oven mitt and of course Rupert - my stuffed puppy dog.

He's cute, soft and fluffy. His nose is soft and he is great to snuggle with. Stupid boy, doesn't realize that you're not supposed to squash your teddy with your cheek - that's what your pillow is for. Rather, a teddy bear is meant to be held with loving care, folded in your arms -
safe and warm...

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tevie said...

Well I suppose we all had a good Shabbat, I slept for a grand total of 12 hours, most I slept in the last 4 months! And mathen, viggy,maayana and I amused each other :)

And I can be annoying at times, but I prefer to be “evil” ;)