Monday, March 20, 2006

Frizzle Frazzle and Onwards...

On Mondays I always wonder to myself - "How can it be Monday?" Though I am never certain what intonation and enunciation I would employ were I to voice my thoughts. Am I surprised that it is Monday again? Am I wondering how I will make it through the week? What exactly is going through my mind? I wonder.

I was a slacker today. I did something that I have not done since my Senior year of high school. I ditched school today. I know, I should be ashamed of myself - but I'm really not. I needed a break and to do something 'out of the ordinary' so I skipped class and started cleaning for Pesach instead. I don't regret it - I just can't believe I did it. I always threaten to - and I finally made good on my threats.

Shosh and I explored all of the alleyways, side-streets and dark places behind the shuk. I loved it - felt like a time warp and quite the adventure.

A word about work - I'm liking this new set-up. Certain people not being around. Other people there. It's all good.

Tonight should be quiet aside from somebody stopping by to pick up something that I don't really want to be responsible for anymore.

I saw my Nootch for about five minutes. I was the 'invisible' neighbor once again.

Oh yeah, the plumber called (finally) - he'll call tomorrow and come soon thereafter (I hope.)

For now - a BIG salad, some mini chocolate chip cookies and my book...

If Shosh is quiet.. *wink wink nod nod* MWAH! Love you Dunce!!!

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Chavs said...

Havent posted a comment in a long time, so i just thought I would say hi! miss you!!