Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hot Buns in a Booth...

Class was interesting (as usual) - we learned about the liver and the kidneys and all sorts of exciting things like coenzymes and toxins.

Walked to work cause the weather was marvelous.

The boss was back but I didn't really do much for him - spent most of my time drinking with the gals and entering information into the database.

Left on time and walked back home to get the BIG bag. The whole walk to TM I was wishing that I would bump into somebody who would carry the stupid bag - but to no avail. I battled my way through the line and made it up to the third floor just in time to miss my bus.

The next bus finally pulled up and I got on. It was jam-packed, so no getting comfortable for me. Soon I was back in Bet Shemesh. I sauntered Home where I greeted Mommy, said 'hi' to Daddy and got lots and lots of presents.

I got a new jacket and shirts and things I'm not allowed to write because it wouldn't be appropriate (wink wink nod nod) and I got socks and a cool bazillion-sided nail file thingy (which I can't use until my nails start to grow back...) and Mommy even got me my book. I am so excited, I can't wait to read it!!

I think that Shabbos afternoon will be spent in my most comfortable scrubs with my teddy bear, curled up in the sunshine on the hammock up on the fourth floor where nobody can bother me.

Except maybe my Freddie - cause I love her sooooo much!

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Miryam said...

Oh, Lori, speaking about books, you are totally to blame for my newfound obsession with Christopher Paolini. You mentioned Eragon in one of your posts and I looked up the book, since I trust your literary judgement. I just finished Eldest, and I wish the third book was out already. :-)