Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm Not as Thrunk as I Dought...

Here's my second post - because I did say it would be a 2 post day.

Not much happened.

I spent Purim in the kitchen baking and having a good time - like we always do.

I got an E-mail that I was waiting for and it made me smile.

Saba & Savta came over for the seudah - so we had to go easy on the drinking.

I must peel my eye-balls. They are totally dried out and are sorely in need of some 'airing out.'

Still don't know what to wear tomorrow to carnival -

- 'the gown'
- regular clothes
- regular clothes + a tichel

Any advice welcome.

Purim Sameach to everybody in walled cities - and Happy Shushan Purim to the rest of us...

1 comment:

debsy said...

gown definately!