Monday, March 06, 2006

I've Simply Got to Finish the Roll...

Class - I went, I worked, I left.

Yay for organic whole wheat pasta! It's not as bad as one would have expected. Really. It's not.

Walked to work. Stopped at the shuk and replenished the stocks. In the office I was the only person there to answer phones, send faxes, send e-mails, take dictations, clean up the conference table which meant filing and filing and filing. Basically - it was a hard day.

I look haggard and tired. That's what my boss told me anyway. Actually, he told me I looked tired, I added the haggard in for good measure and because it is true. Walked back to the ranch and tried to decide what to do with my evening.

I think I'll watch Ever After. It's been a while.

Or maybe I'll read - I started O. Henry's 'Whirligigs' - and am in the middle of 'Sophie's World' and my new ten-in-one 'The Great Book of Amber' of course there are the other four books I have sitting on my window-sill, but I've read them all before - so I can pick them up and finish them at any point I choose.

I think that this week I will try something new. I will not be going onto AIM. Yes, I know - it sounds positively dotty but, I think it will be good for me. Though it will be sad not to plan Shabbos fun with Michali and Brenda.

Oh yes, I have yet to meet the moose.


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debsy said...

ahem!!!! Not on IM all week??? And how exactly do u want me to spend my week?? huh?? deserted again! i do feel loved...not!
well...see u in 4 weeks!