Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mellow and Marsh...

The plumber never called. Should I be surprised?

Why is my biological clock set for 6:30 a.m.?

I am officially on a chocolate-chip cookie diet. :) (Well, they're not ALL bad. I mean, chocolate IS a vegetable...)

Maybe tomorrow I will go and choose some fabric for a new skirt for Pesach. That's the only way I'll get one - so I guess it depends on how badly I want a new skirt...

I got an e-mail - it didn't make me smile though.

Freddie - I had a MAJOR craving. I hit the deli n' chips again. Missed you though.

I'm on this kick again and I seriously hate it. What I want I cannot have.

Uncertainty overwhelms me. I can't decide what to do?

At least Shabbos is coming.

If I'm lucky - it will be good.

I think I may have to ask a new 'friend' to do a favor for me.

I hope they don't mind...

I learned something new today: The hippocampus was a fabled sea animal from Greek mythology. It was found in classical myth. It resembles a horse with the hind parts of a fish or dolphin. The chariot of Poseidon was drawn by a hippocampus. The name comes from the Greek hippos, horse; and kampos, sea monster.

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debsy said...

well thats an interesting though to be going to bed with - horsey sea monsters hmmmm