Saturday, March 25, 2006

Morons, Walks and Talks...

Another Shabbos - gone...

Friday night was filled with 'fun' - Bothered Freddie and the Little Brother. Walked around the block many many times and I'm not sure if I made a friend or if I have unofficially been asked to never speak to this person again. It was nice while it lasted. I hate it when the 'where we are' of relationships are unclear. Well, I suppose it will all work out in the end.

Though, I really COULD have used a hug.

I managed to wake up on time for Shul - somehow. I realized how much I hate beards (all over again.) Clean shaven is 'totally' the way to go. There was a kiddush in Shul and I shmoozed with Vivi and Ora. After lunch I slept for two and a half hours then Ora came over and we headed out for a 'scenic' walk in the park. After wandering down a dirt path and through Old Bet Shemesh, we settled down on the grass in the Ampi where we spent a few hours shmoozing, resting and lounging in the sunshine. We actually had Seuda Shlishit, and then we sang (thank you Eli for leaving Home.) After havdala I felt the weight resettle and braced myself to face the week.

I think I'll go back to Jeru in the morning. This is another one of those 'messed up' weeks. I'll be Home Monday night and all of Tuesday and then need to go back on Wednesday for work. Of course this Thursday is the last Thursday of the month, so I don't work (b"H) which means, after class I'll be heading Home again.

I hope my family doesn't mind me being around so much.

I'm thinking positive and looking on the bright side.

It's all in H-shem's hands.

And remember,

Shabbos is coming...


tevie said...

Big sister says shave little says don’t hmmmm who do i listen to :P

yo' meanma said...

DON'T :0

Some of us think fuzzy faces are kinda cute :)