Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ms. Sense O'dyne...

Funny start to my day: I voted.

What else did I do today?

Well I; Cleaned, Did Laundry, Organized, Re-organized, Did More Laundry, Cleaned, Went Grocery Shopping (complete with shopping-cart-races), Unloaded the car, Cleaned, Did More Laundry, Locked Freddie and Brenda outside, Organized, Lit candles, Re-organized, Cleaned, Cleaned, Ate, Cleaned, Organized...

Getting the picture?

Want to know what's sad?

I'm not done cleaning yet.

I'm waiting for an e-mail. I didn't clean the basement bathroom, I still haven't made cookies and I didn't even go out to the park to play football. Only thing I did manage to do was get a new water bottle (but it's only a 4.)

Found out the dates when Sharon and the boys are due to arrive for Pesach. I'm getting VERY excited. It's going to be just like the old days - only not.

I'm hoping to spend time with certain friends. I'm hoping to meet some new people.

I think I may be putting too much thought and too many hopes and expectations into this.

My flowers are wilting and the candles are burning low.

I think the time has come to turn on the middle light, turn on the music and clean some more.

Whaddaya Reckon?


Michalie said...

uh oh...
peasach isnt really coming, is it?????
i really dont feel like cleaning so much..

Sassy Madricha said...

You're sounding really accomplished my dear!!

Were you waiting for my email???

Love ya loads, Sassy

Lorelai said...

Betach. ;)