Thursday, March 30, 2006


Class this morning was far from intriguing. As a matter of fact, I spent most of the time staring off into space, bouncing up and down in my seat and waiting for an SMS that never came.

After class I miraculously made the bus (even though I left late and got stuck behind a girl with an ornate ceremonial dagger trying to get into TM.) On the bus I met up with Little Brother who it seemed was also 'going Home.' We switched I-pods (and though that left him with nothing good to listen to - I actually enjoyed the comedian who kept me laughing all the way to Bet Shemesh.)

At Home I baked chocolate chip cookies (I wanted to give them to some of my favorite chayalim - but seeing as the text message never came, I never got an e-mail and Little Brother was helping himself - I didn't get to.) We also made couscous, shmoozed, cleaned the kitchen and ah yes, the dishes. hehehe...

It was getting late and Mommy and Daddy left for Jeru. They went to some NBN thing or another. It was for adults but I was not invited. Seems I'm only an adult when there is 'serious stuff' afoot. Otherwise I am still a kid. (Which I don't mind, except - I REALLY REALLY wanted to get out and do something tonight. I am out of energy for sitting around and doing nothing - namely studying.)

Have I mentioned how much I despise sex ed. class? How is it that married women with more than one kid don't know where babies come from?!?!!? Riddle me this!!! PLEASE! (Don't really. It's just that after sitting through three classes of it - I simply cannot take it anymore.)

Dinner was an interesting affair. Tacos and tortillas. Then we cleaned up.

Half of my muffins made it and now I just need to pack them up for Saba and Savta.

Tonight we change the clocks. I am going to be so time-lagged tomorrow. I can feel it.

Shabbos is coming. Things don't look so bright. It doesn't seem like anybody is going to be around.

Oh well. I should have known better than to get used to the idea of having friends to spend time with on Shabbos.

Maybe someday - when I'm cuter...

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da'kender said...

I didnt mean to drop them on the floor! Honest! Wah! Why me?