Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nuances and Nuisances...

Today was a pretty typical perfect day. Nothing went too right and nothing went too wrong. I finished the things that needed to be finished and didn't do things that I wasn't supposed to do.

Yep, I feel like I was productive today.

However, I have been wondering a few things - rhetorically of course...

So I'm wondering - am I flypaper for people who need someone to talk to? I REALLY don't mind - I mean, I love being able to listen and help people (and I do have certain advantages over other people...) but seriously - why do people feel comfortable speaking to me?

Do they sense that a secret is safe with me? Can they tell that I will give them an honest opinion? Do they realize that I will do my best to help them?

What is it?

Oh yes - and on a totally different topic - my funniest phrase for the week had to be THE one that went completely unnoticed. Of all the people that I know, I believe that only I could profess and proclaim such a thing in a verbal dance and watch it be brushed off as a joke without breaking down in tears.

"You are a moron, but a very cute moron nonetheless..."

1 comment:

Sassy Madricha said...

It's because I love you and know that my secrets are safe with you, my dear.