Friday, March 03, 2006

Puddles, Pickles and Mayhem...

Mommy and Daddy took Eli into Jerusalem to find out once and for all whether or not he actually has asthma.

Of course, this left me and Freddie in charge of the remainder of the Shabbos cooking. Soup, Noodles, Challah and Cookies. Sounds pretty straightforward, no?

Well, the adventure really began when I put all of the sugar into the mixer with the margarine and then leaned over to turn on the converter - of course I neglected to check the status of the 'power switch' and upon activating the converter the mixer started spinning at full speed, flinging suger and molasses to all five corners of the room. I thought it couldn't get any more amusing and then the flour bag split open. At least the eggs went smoothly - no new yellow stains on the poor cookbook today.

We're trying out these new 'bleach-pens' - because all of our white clothes seem to be stained. (This should come as no surprise to you, if you followed the saga in the last paragraph.) It's a last resort - but we figure, at this point it can't hurt and it might even help.

Amusingly enough I found out that while on vacation my darling mother gave out my blog address. I don't really mind, I mean - that's what a blog is for - to be read. Plus, it makes the number on my hit-counter go up and that always makes me happy. :)

Shabbos is coming soon and I am wearing a tichel in preparation for my Purim costume. In addition I am drinking large quantities of water, so that I don't dehydrate. I figured it was a good idea. Especially since I've been learning about how bad it is for one's body not to have enough liquid.

Uh-oh, the challah bowl needs to be scraped.

Hehe, well off I go to do my chores!

Have a great Shabbos!!!

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