Thursday, March 09, 2006

Searching for ___?___...

This morning when I finally woke up, I was certain that it was Wednesday.

The sand/dust-storm that blew in brought with it hurricane winds, rain and dirt.

Work was pretty quiet. I filed for two hours and worked on random stuff for the last hour. I also left half-an-hour early in order to go home and get ready for the wedding.

I was dressed and ready to go in just 25 record minutes. Becca and I headed out.

The wedding was beautiful. Miriam is the amazingly special kind of person who makes every single person that she comes in contact with feel special. Aside from the automatic bond that develops over a year and a half of Seminary - we've never really been all that close - but every time I see her she greets me and smiles and I feel that warm feeling that you get from talking to and being around one of those people who spreads warmth and light.

She gave me such a special bracha. All I can say is that if even 1/3 of it comes true - I will truly be leading a Blessed life.

Of couse the wedding turned into more of an Afikei reunion that anything else. It was SO good to see old friends, teachers and rebbeim. Sadly, because I have no free time - I never see them any more - but the thing is, they have no idea how much they inspired me and how much of an impact my time with them had on my life. I wish I could express my feelings to them - but they hear it from so many of their students - how much of a difference could my story make?

I'm going to head Home tomorrow morning. Shabbos will be quiet because Freddie won't be Home - she is going away. I will miss her. I guess it'll just be another quiet Shabbos - unless I can grab some attention from people and actually do something.
Just for once I'd like to be the pretty/skinny/cute one that people cross the room to speak to. I'd like to be the smart, intellectual cutie that everybody wants to talk to.

I'm pathetic.

I know.

Forget it...


Adina :) said...

First of all I would totaly cross the room to speak to you!
A second I know exactly how you feel!

Thank you for writing about the wedding! I wanna hear more! I'm so happy that you could go but SO incredibly jealous!!!!!

I'm gonna go finish catching up on your posts!

read you soon! (hehehe get it? Read you soon? K neva mind)

Hinda said...

The wedding! Awwwwww. Where are pictures?

Oh, and I would TOTALLY walk across the room to talk to you! :)