Monday, March 13, 2006

Sorely Lacking in Handsome Princes...

Went into the office two hours early. Nootch came to visit and finally saw my 'cute little' office. I Left at 3:30 when the boss said, "you've been such good little girls, you can go Home early today."

The bus-ride was interesting. Explain to me WHY exactly the stupid dude decided to sit next to me!?!?

The gown had problems. Let's leave it at that. The thing refused to line up. At least my hair looked pretty - thank you Shosh!!!

Megillah was as crazy as usual. The costumes were great. I love this neighborhood. Even my father has gotten into the spirit. I mean, in America he NEVER dressed up - here though, he had NO problem whatsoever going to shul wearing a big yellow M&M costume.

Megillah is at 7:00 tomorrow morning. I'll have to be up pretty early. Hehehe...

Dunno what to wear tomorrow. My gown? A tichel? Should I try to look Israeli? (that never fails to get a chuckle from the crowd...)

It's so much fun but such a pain - in this neck of the woods we have to get dressed up 3 times.

At least everyone gets into it!


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