Sunday, March 26, 2006

Strong Like a Lion...

I missed the sunrise. I slept through it. But it's ok - G-d willing, I can catch it tomorrow.

Class was nice. We were an odd number and I was the odd one out. I worked in a group of three and the teacher watched us like a hawk. When we finished, I opted to forgo a treatment so that the other person in my group could be worked on. (She looked like she needed it.) My teacher noticed and called me over. She then proceeded to set up a bed and she worked on me. At the end of class she told me that I have a wonderful technique and a good touch. She also informed me that if I chose to I could do very well in the field of healing - (it's a little funny actually - she told me I seemed to be an energy sensitive person. Who woulda thunk?)

I decided to play chef for dinner. I got all fancy and made garlic knots and veggie soup. Shosh is practicing massage, a candle is burning steadily and King Arthur is playing softly in the background.

Between the relaxing and soothing scent of lavender oil, the ageless music and the comforting feeling of being in my own 'home' - I am quite mellow and dreamy.

I'm thinking of cleaning out the basement bathroom when I get Home tomorrow.

You know what that means.

I think I deserve it.

Don't you?


debsy said...

energy sensitive lori?? ;-)
will c u soon!!! 11 days to go!!

yo' meanma said...

Well... someone already washed the floor in the room down stairs :) if you are lucky the rest might be cleaned by the time you get home.

No promises but I will try :)

Chavs said...

just want to say hi!