Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tea Time...

Dear Diary,

Ok, I'll stop there. More for your sake than for mine.

How is it possible that things keep going so darn well on Shabbos?

This is the third weekend in a row that has turned out beautifully.

Friday night was quiet. I was asleep before ten and slept straight through the night.

Woke up with plenty of time until Shul. It was Parshat Zachor and I was there on time.

After the meal I was going to take my Shabbos snooze but headed out to say hi to Shani. As usual, we wound up talking and shmoozing for quite a while about nothing in particular. Eventually another one joined the group and by the time the sun had made its way across the sky and was sinking behind the houses we headed over to the Ampi. On the stage we sat and shmoozed some more, watched the races and had an all around good time.

It is good to catch up with friends when time has gone by and you start to drift apart.

Of course somehow we wound up having tea and then I was invited to see the library.

Now, as you all know - books are basically my best friends. They can take you anywhere and beyond all you need is the imagination and the desire to go.

Well, imagine walking into a room and in front of you are shelves and shelves of books. A comfortable and inviting chair is offered to you. You sit down and sink into it. All around you the air laden with the scent of books and ancient tomes. It takes you back in a sense - to a world you've never been a part of - a world denied to you by virtue of the fact that you live in the present and that the past to you can be no more than a distant memory or a story told.

Laughter and memories shared and then Home.

Shabbos ended and as always, I was sad to see it go.

Motzash had much excitement in store. I was supposed to be going back to Jerusalem but somehow I made a deal - if I helped the little people make hamentashen then my costume would receive it's required alterations. It sounded good to me - so I agreed to the barter and helped Dibble and Moonbeam bake.

Brenda is finishing up the project as I blog and the machine is sewing furiously.

As things stand - the points refuse to line up and the bodice is being a pain.

Nonetheless, Mommy is trying her best to salvage the gown and fix up yet another mess of mine.

I seem to be good at creating havoc, chaos and mayhem.

How do I do it?

I don't know.

Tomorrow it's back to school and work - but Purim is this week and there are MANY things to look forward to.

I'm excited.

I just hope everything works out.

It will - I'm sure.

I know Who is in charge...


Sassy Madricha said...

Seriously Lori, what is up with everything going so well lately?

But BARUCH HASHEM is all I have to say!!

Hope the rest of your week goes as smoothly as your Shabbos!

Love, Sassy

Michalie said...

oh so you found my blog...
anyho: im older than brenda, so if im your sis at all- im not little!!!!