Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trivial Pursuits & Mundane Matters...

Well, today was the day. I FINALLY went to the hygienist. She said I do a VERY good job brushing my teeths and that my teeth are a nice shade of tooth-color. (Guess that means that the pain is worth it...)

After the dentist we visited the 'Sparkly' store where Brenda and I each got a new pair of earrings. We also picked up some breakfast, snack 'for later' and Pesach treats. Then swung around and picked up Saba.

Up to Jeru we drove. Dropped Brenda off at school and headed to Talpiyot. After Saba finished at the Mazda place we drove into Town. After missing a few turns and driving in the wrong lanes (by no choice of our own) we parked and headed to the fabric store.

Talk about doing well, I practically got a new wardrobe! I managed to get material for FOUR skirts! I am SOOO excited! Mebbe I'll even get adventurous and make REAL skirts and not just wraps... We'll see. I do have a limited time now - cause Pesach is REALLY almost here.

Today I tried to work on my attitude. Service with a smile is my motto - but today I REALLY tried to find the good in every situation.

I'm happy - cheery - bubbly - amused - hysterical and all around funny.

Becca bought us a microphone, Brenda made me a DEEEELICIOUS supper, Efrat had a baby boy and things are GREAT!

Truth be told - I love life.

Alrighty, my computer time is up and I still need to Shteig and Shmooze.

Tomorrow I'm heading Home yet again.

Hehehe... S'gonna be fun.

Hope I see my friends...


tevie said...

"I managed to get material for FOUR skirts!"

Well all I can say is, congratulations Sammy you get 4 new peaces of Lories cloths in you’re Closet :P

sorry big sis! but its ture! :)

Chavs said...

ya for Lori! Sounds like things are good :)

yo' meanma said...

Well there is one sure fire way to get Lori's stuff out of Sammy's smile wink wink ;)

anyway I really don't think the situation is quite as bad as you think.

debsy said...

I making my comment slot an official countdown from now on! This time next week I'll be on a plane!!! ;-)
Cy soon

Michalie said...

what kind of earrings????
BUGGY earrings??????

Hinda said...

I'm happy - cheery - bubbly - amused - hysterical and all around funny.

Truth be told - I love life.

I like those lines.

And I miss you. Even more than I miss iced coffees...and I miss those a LOT! :)