Friday, March 24, 2006


If you haven't been following the Calvin N' Hobbes saga that has been unfolding all of this week on uComics, I suggest that you check it out. Just click on THIS (yes, on the word THIS - and then read the strip that opens and all of the strip until you reach today - then tune in for the final chapters in the next few days...)

The weather is taking a turn for HOT. At last check the thermometer was holding steady at 22C.

Aside from that; my house smells like fresh paint, I need to weed through the stuff that was on top of my closets, The bedroom I sleep in when I come Home reminds me distinctly of the rainforest after a downpour and the whole thing screams Sammy's name.

Green is HER color - not mine. There wasn't even any compromise - semi-blue-green/green-blue. It is just GREEN. I have nothing against green - heck, it was my favorite color for years - but it's just not my color.

At least I was useful, I made the challah. I hope it comes out okay.

And Shabbos is almost here.

If it is even 50% as good as the last five weeks have been - I would be thrilled.

What're the odds?

Stupid Boys...

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yo' meanma said...

The challah was great!!!
Thanks for all of your help ;)