Sunday, March 19, 2006

What the Hickey?!?..

Waking up this morning was VERY low on my list of priorities. But I dragged myself out of bed and made myself look as presentable as possible. We caught the bus and I was honored by being offered the seat of doom.

Class was supposed to start an hour early - but we started an hour late instead. I still cannot tolerate stupid people. We learned cool stuff today though - 'ear candling' and 'cupping.' I was volunteered (ok, so I volunteered myself - details details...) for cupping. Basically - they suction cupped 6-8 (I'm not sure because I can't see my back) cups to my back. The general idea is to increase blood flow by creating a vacuum and breaking the superficial capillaries enclosed within the bubble. In layman's terms - they put these cups on your back, pump out the air and the skin under the cups that gets pulled up into the cups turns all sorts of pretty colors. The better your circulation - the faster it turns hues of purple, maroon and violet.

I must be healthy because as soon as they sucked the cups onto me - the welts turned purpley-bluish. My teacher warned us that the bruises would take anywhere from 3 days to two weeks to disappear. I didn't think that the marks would actually stick around as I generally don't bruise and I usually heal quickly - but when I got back to the apartment I checked in the mirror and there they were - deep purple and quite vivid.

There is a new 'seating arrangement' at the office. I am quite excited! I get to work with Ray now!! YAY! She's soooo cute and sooo sweet!! (Yes, I really do mean that from the depths of my heart. I hope you can deal with me and my enthusiasm. I promise I'll try not to slap you in the face - and I even promise to ask you lots of questions! Do you think that you can you handle that?)

The weather is taking a turn for the most glorious season - I adore the springtime!

Picnics in the park. Reading in the shade of a tree. Dozing in the warm sunshine.

I can't wait.

Hey, I can even bring along my new football.

It has yet to be tested.

Now all I need is somebody to play with...


yo' meanma said...

I know someone who has a pretty good football throwing arm :)

Should I tell them that you wanna play???

Michalie said...

hmm... bruises on your back? humph, seems pretty strange to me. but- you never know!

da'kender said...

:) I posted! and commented! all in the same night! You are annoying, "and I mean that in the best way possible..."

~{~~@ said...


hope your back feels better, otherwise who'll be able to take out the recycling, we do recycle them, dont we??

~{~~@ said...

As I was closing the browser I finally "got" your title.. haaaaaaa (I rarely reach that level...)