Friday, April 07, 2006

Bile, Phlegm and Guts...

As the sky grew lighter this morning the sky turned an incredible shade of blue-gray.

I love that color.

I lazed around in bed till I decided to get up.

I feel dead and wrung-out.

Had lots of sugar for breakfast to give me some energy.

Spoke to Deborah!! :)

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry.

I cut out the material for 1/2 of one of my skirts. I still have 4 patterns to cut out, which means I still need to sew FIVE skirts. (I almost forgot about the pretty purple material in my closet.)

I am going to strangle Ezri and Avi Chai. They just don't stop - not even for five minutes. Heck, not even for thiry seconds! It is ridiculous.

I need to go mix painkillers and try to get rid of this head-ache. I need some sort of narcotic at this point. In addtion my trapezius is knotted at the base of my neck and between the superior points (on the medial side) of my scapulae. It burns like there's no tomorrow. How can one spot be so painful?

So much cleaning to do still. I can't believe it. I still have to attack the bathroom and the bottom two shelves of the big bookcase are REALLY bad.

What am I supposed to wear to Shul this shabbos? I wore the pink last week, I don't want to wear all black and I'm not in the mood for teal. I don't have something that goes with the tan shirt and thanks to circumstances I can't wear short skirts any more. (Though my muscles are nice and shapely thanks to all of the walking I've done in the last few months.)

I met my yoga mat. I am so excited. It is BRIGHT orange! I can't wait to start my stretching routine again. Soon I'll be back to the flexible me that I was a few short years ago.

I love the smell of saute'-ing onions.

I love peeling garlic.

Gotta go help with the veggie soup.

Have a Splendiferous Shabbos!


Michalie said...

a BIG shabbos!!!

RJ said...

Hey Polly, Hope u had a nice relaxing Shabbos and recharged ur batteries...
I am thinking of u!!
Gut Voch RJ