Sunday, April 23, 2006

Boys Boys Boys...

The Fashtunkenah alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. And so, that is the time at which I woke up. I did some laundry and cleaned up the room. I packed and stared at the ceiling. I saw Shani in the circle and went to sit and shmooze with her. Headed down to the bus-stop and caught a 415. Once in the city I went up to the apartment and helped Deborah carry all of her stuff down to the place where she was meeting the cab to the airport. (At least I got to see her. I was so sad because she was in the country and I didn't even make the time to spend proper time with her. I am a terrible friend.)

Then I heded over to work. I stopped on the way to pick up some whole wheat pitot for Mommy. The office was relatively quiet. It was the last day of there only being 2 secretaries in the office for the three bosses and zillion other things. The boss was nice though. He let me leave early becasue I told him that there was a bar-mtzvah I had to get to.

Well, it was Coren's Bar-Mitzvah. It was the 'Oscar' Awards and they went all-out. It was a black tie affair (ok, so it was optional, but who didn't go all the way?) Oh yeah, me. So, I went straight from work and walked into the party wearing my pink courderoy skirt, denim jacket and sneakers. Of course I had my shiny purpley-blue skirt to change into but still... It was quite amusing. Then there was the waiter - remember him? The one who followed me around the whole time asking if he could get me anything. Finally the 'older sibling' showed up. The dancing was too funny to see (Yoni. Macarena. Chicken Dance. Belly-dancing...) The 'feature film' was great. Entitled, "Close Encounters of the Shita Kind" the kids from the block showed their talents and had their moment in the spotlight.

After the party we headed back Home.

I have to make a phone call or send an SMS or be in touch with somebody. I'm not exactly sure what to tell them or what it is that they want to hear from me. Stupid people.

Work tomorrow and back to Jeru until Wednesday night.

I love short weeks.

Shabbos is almost here again! I am so excited!!


rj said...

i already checked your blog didnt you check it??

debsy said...

You are not, I repeat you are NOT a terrible friend! And i'm realy glad that at least i got to see you yesterday!