Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Built In Microphone?...

It was like discovering a new part of myself. How is it possible that I've never seen the little hole before.

Some of the things I did today:
- used a hair-iron in new and inventive ways.
- pinned myself
- laundry
- walked to and from work
- work - HAHAHAHAH!!!
- discussed the finer points of 'Tush-heads' (aka: guys/dudes/hims)
- made pizza
- got skype
- got an e-mail I was waiting for
- cleaned and did the dishes (of course I made more...)

I would like to say that it is not my fault that I am good at playing the game. I mean, truth of the matter is that "Daes Demar" is a skill that can be learned but to some it comes more naturally. I am lucky in that I seem to have a way with words (most of the time.)

Now all I have to do is start using the yoga mat and drop the last 25 and I'll be perfect... ;)

*Sigh* - some day I will reach my goals.

However, until that day comes -

"Just Keep Swimming..."




Sassy Madricha said...

I think you're perfect the way you are. I mean, you could come visit me a lil' more often, but other than that... you're fine!

I love ya Lolly! And next time I come sleepover/play cranium I want a whole-wheat diet version of your pizza!


Nootch said...

Sounds like someone had a tough day. As to the tush-head thing...I completely relate. :-D
luv ya, man.