Thursday, April 13, 2006

Clean Shaven, huh?

I changed my outfit 7 or so times before settling on the thing that I had been intending to wear in the first place.

So we started the Seder and things were going pretty well. Same old - taking turns reading and translating. And then the L-rd smote Egypt with some disputed number of plagues and they rained down upon us as well. Little pompoms, styrophome balls, Stuffed animals with boils, Figurines of ferocious animals, attempted sister-cide and more. Eli and I raced to see who could finish their 'Kos' first and as the room began to spin my teddy bear got a bit sicker as his boils changed to blue and green.

We finished at about 1:30 - officially - but, I fell asleep in the middle of Shulchan Orech.

I made it to Shul on time for Shacharit.

After the meal I spent the ENTIRE afternoon curled up on the hammock. There was a gentle breeze and the scent of the flowers hung heavy in the air. The pergola shades most of the mirpeset - so while it was warm, the sun was not baking down on me. The perfect lazy day weather. So, I decided to make the most of it and spent a good five and a half hours comfortably lazing away and reading my book. I haven't done that in ages. It felt good.

Yom Tov ended soon after and I headed out to meet up with a friend and to return some borrowed books. Of course, the appointed place of meeting was a good twenty minute walk from the house - which was good. I think I walked off most of the cake that I had eaten over the course of the day.

Tomorrow is Erev-Shabbos and Day 1 of Chol Hamoed. Hopefully we will be going to the beach with our friends and neighbors - the Yaffas.

Moadim L'simcha everybody!!


Brenda said...

i sure hope we go to the beach i'm really looking foward to it!!

debsy said...

Chagim U'Zmanim L'sason, finally
!!!! 3 days of yom tov was long but fun, glad to be back in the quiet of yerushalyim though! thanks for the hospitality

Sassy Madricha said...

Just explain the title to me Lolly!