Monday, April 03, 2006

Hushpuppy - Grasshopper!!!

Well, I played 'sick-o' today so I didn't have to work in class. That meant that I gained an extra half-hour of freedom. It was just a review class anyway - but we had fun and then we snuck out - so it was all good.

The best part of my day actually didn't start until almost 8 o'clock this evening. Shosh and I set out towards Har Nof. First stop - the Segals. It was REALLY REALLY nice. I can't put it in words - but I owe an inordinate amount of Hakarat Hatov to Rabbi and Mrs. Segal. I learned so much from them both and honestly miss not just the spending time with them but just seeing them. Rabbi Segal was kind enough to agree to be my appointed shaliach and to 'sell my chametz' for me. Of course we sat and shmoozed for a while. Just a general 'catch-up' but it has been WAAAAY too long.

After bidding them goodbye we headed out on an adventure to find an apartment (who's number we didn't remember) in a building (along some street) in order to give something to someone (we didn't know) to take to England tomorrow when they go.

To prepare us for this task we stopped off for some ice-cream. Ribat Chalav and Mint Chip ALL the way!! (I haven't had ice-cream in a VERY long time. And, I figured it was ok - cause we did walk to Har Nof and were going to walk back after the search...)

Somehow we managed to find the building, apartment, people and give the thing to be sent.

We made our way back to our side of town though we did jaywalk across four lanes of oncoming traffic - twice...

Funniest question I was asked today - "So, when are you getting married?..."

"Ummm, tonight. Do you have a guy for me?..."


yo' meanma said...

So send me an invite and maybe I'll come ;)

Mazal Tov...on the yummy ice cream

did you at least eat some for me???

Sassy Madricha said...

I am sooo jealous!!

You know why?? Cuz guess who you got to see and I haven't seen or even SPOKEN to in 11 whole days????

Ahhhh, withdrawal! Help!

Sure hope he doesn't read your blog anymore...

Lol! And who asked you why you're not married? My uncle?

Miss ya Lolly!