Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Don't Really Smell...

Sammy has graciously allowed me to use her computer so that I can continue to blog and update you about the goings-on of my mediocre and yet relatively amusing life. Round of applause for Sammy.

Today was pretty boring. I cried a lot as I mourned the loss of my companion of three years and pitied myself and the situations I find myself in. I went to the bank to deal with some technical issues then I went on a road trip with Mommy and Freddie. First stop - Ginot. We didn't see the Preisers but we did get pizza and ice cream. Quite productive if I do say so myself. :) We then headed up to Eli's school, across the way from Kedumim and past three Arab willages. I wondered briefly what protocol was for bringing girls to an all boys yeshiva - then I realized, these kids learn in caravans in the middle of the Shomron. They don't have any protocol!! Our stop on the way Home was at Yad-Yitzchak. It is a HUGE American style grocery store, at least, that is what it tries to be. Truth of the matter is, it reminded us more of a Tesco's or Sainsbury's in the UK.

I watched The Four Feathers. For the reasons that it's a great story-line, it is sad - which gave me more reasons to cry and of course, Heath Ledger who is purely adorable pancake material.

After dinner (Organic Whole Wheat Noodles - that make you crazy) and a show (Dibble. Nuff' said.) Sammy and I were bored.

Sammy dragged me out for a 'night activity' - we didn't have energy to walk and there is nobody else around so we took out a bucket of sidewalk chalk (now called gutter-chalk) and created a masterpiece. (Ok, so we can't draw. Deal with it. We can do lots of other stuff. Including Bake. Well, I can at least... :) hehehe...)

I've included a picture for your viewing pleasure and will now be heading off to watch a REALLY bad movie - which is amusing in its badness.
Shabbos is coming. Things can't get any worse, can they? I certainly hope not. Let's see if anyone is around... I'll pray anyway but it probably won't make a difference...

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debsy said...

Yay for Tesco!! when we were there over pesach in some random grocery in Hertzliya my mum bought saisbury's celery - it was in the packet and all!! so weird!!