Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Spoke to Becca for Breakfast!!...

Even my 'emergency supply' of adrenaline is gone.
I am completely and utterly wiped out.
Deborah is officially in Israel!!
I want a deli sandwich.
I am mellowish.
The end.

So, Shosh left at 5 this morning.
The plumber came at 11:30.
I was a work by 13:00.
I left work on time.
I got Home.
The end.

Waiting for an e-mail.
Waiting for a call.
Just waiting.
The end.



da'kender said...

you DO sound depressed! :) I'm so happy! You stupid llama! Ladies first! Its not working...

Flying Disaster said...

So...we getting a new toilet...missing u tons already-thanks for getting up at 5 to say goodbye to me. Have a great shabbos and be in touch.
p.s. i guess i need to sign now that I can't just comment to u..hope i can keep understanding everything ;)

Sassy Madricha said...

What am I? Mashed potatoes??

RJ said...

I think it was dinner??