Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mexican Potato Chips with Chumus...

Well folks - I woke up at 6:15 when the alarm went off. I decided to go into the office early. By 10:45 I was there and I was promptly sent out on errands. Not only did I spend an hour in the printing-store but I also went to pick up dividers and I even had to go down to the post-office. Of course, I can't let this post slip by without mentioning the 275 piece 'mailing' I collated and got ready to send. The worst part about it is that I know that I am going to be the one shlepping all 275 envelops stuffed with magazines down to the post-office. I also did 'real work' - (letters and such.)

Eight hours and fifteen minutes at 'work' today.

Boy do I need some advil.

Now I am all sad and alone on the ranch. Sas left me weeks ago, Shosh left me, Becca left me, Deborah is having her own set of problems, Freddie didn't finish her paper and there's nobody else.

I figured I could spend tonight watching a movie to keep the quiet and lonliness at bay - but I just realized that I don't have my computer with me...

Supposedly the plumber is coming tomorrow to replace the shmidjget. I told him that he has to come and be gone before 12. What do you want to bet I get a call at 11:55 - "I'm not coming today."

I can't stand Israelis anymore. They are driving me insane.

There are a number of them that I would slap if I could.


I shall control myself.

At least, I shall try to.

Oh yes - and lest we forget to mention - *ahem* - Stupid Boy.


'Yo Abba said...

Wouldn't that be self-flagellation? After all, you ARE an Israeli.

I hope you get to enjoy sitting on your new shmidjet.

'Yo Abba

Lorelai said...

I didn't say I wanted to afflict ALL of them - just a few. (Myself not included and don't worry Daddy, you are safe from my wrath too.)

Anyway - sometimes I'm sadistic like that. No?

I shall def. enjoy sitting on my new shmidjet - I'm so excited - I think I'll go try it out... :)