Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pain, Compassion and Sorrow...

Friday night Woof came to visit. We walked her home. Sang some silly songs and then headed Home ourselves.

Shabbos morning was same-old. Dragged myself out of bed and went to Shul. We ate at the Ben-David's house. It was nice to finally meet them. They have a daughter who is 2 years younger than me but I always smile and say hi to her anyway, so it's nice to have finally broken the ice and have a name for the face. After the meal Sammy and I went to the Yaffa's to get green stuff for Sammy and to collect Ora. We headed out to the ampi where we lounged, shmoozed and tried to escape from our younger brothers. We wound up playing a 6 person game of rummikub and not only did I lose, but I lost SOOOO badly that by the time my five opponents had finished their boards, I was still picking up pieces in an attempt to scrouge together 30 measly points.

As I have said before, it is a wonderful feeling to be ignored by people that you thought cared. Though, I suppose I have no one but myself to blame - nobody ever said they cared. I assumed - and as I was taught by a wise mentor of mine - one should NEVER assume ANYTHING. I should also have learned a lesson from The Brother - tuck your chin. You know you are going to get hurt so - be prepared, expect it and roll with the punches.

Another cat has been run over by a car on our sad little street. Only, this time it was a kitten. It is probably bleeding internally and has at least one broken limb. Please explain to me why no one else has the heart to take care of these critters. Why has MY family been endowed with this burden of over-sensitivity and caring?! Frankly, it makes my head hurt.

I am sorry to disillusion any of my readers, but I not only dislike animals, I dislike people in general. They disgust me and as such I loathe them. Scum upon the earth. Wish I could say I at least liked myself - alas, life is not so fair and luck is not with me.

A new week begins.

I need more Advil.


Flying Disaster said...

Gut Voch!!!! Do you hate me too??? I can't wait to see you. Guess what i brought back? A new bottle of Advil. Aren't u excited!!!! can't wait to see you, got to go finnish studying for reflexology!!!!

tevie said...

"Just keep swimming" and i don’t not need to go into details u know what I mean :)

big sis is funny :)