Monday, April 17, 2006

Purple-berry Ice-Cream...

Woke up at 7 and caught the 8:20 bus into Jeru. Got to the office an hour early. It was cold and raining everywhere.

Went to the post-office and spent four hours answering phones and telling people to call back on Thursday when the office will be open. My boss wants me to go in early on Thursday (from like 10:30-5:30 instead of my usual 2:00-5:30.) I told him it depends on school. I am quite confused as to when I actually start classes again. I am not ready for 'Stahzh' and I am really not ready for my Anatomy & Physiology final.

Finally I left the office and miraculously the weather had cleared up - so I strolled to TM and caught a bus Home.

At Home Freddie fed me ice-cream to help prevent tonsilitis and we read and made onion soup.

A friend came over to visit. We played Boggle and Rummikub. I enjoyed and I amused myself (not that that takes very much...)

Later in the evening I headed over to Ora's house. We watched Ushpizin (yes, I finally saw it.)

Tomorrow's plan is up in the air. Tel Azeka looks to be on the itinerary. I am hoping that we'll be going into the Bar-Kochba caves as they are awesomely fun!! I think the Preisers might be coming - which would be nice, seeing as this is the first pesach in five or six years that we haven't spent time with them.

Maybe the Yaffas will come too. (Funny how we've been spending a lot of time with them lately. But, it's good. I like them.)


Chavs said...

work-its always fun...
Hope you are enjoying your chag!

~{~~@ said...

hey... i see u'r pessach's turning out to be nice. hope you didn't miss me too much today... see? i'm even keeping up with you from here- so enjoy the rest of the week. see you monday!