Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Roasty Toasty Princess..."

Well, it's erev chag again and then my vacation is really over. Back to school, back to work, back to Jerusalem.

Figured I'd amuse you today with some cute shots of the Dibble that I got yesterday and a Calvin that always reminds me of him..

Well, there ya have it. Dibble in all of his maniacal glory.

Though cute when sleeping, when awake scary little monster he be...

Chag Sameach Everybody! Enjoy the last of your Matza!

(Sassy, guess what - Our date with Heather might have to wait. Supposedly, we're eating at some interesting person's house tonight...)

Ahem, Pancakes?

1 comment:

Sassy Madricha said...

Dibble looks adorable!

He has your wacky personality!

And ahem, you better let me know about that pancake...