Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sagi? What Kind of Name is That?!

Chag - And the End...

The night meal was eaten with my Father's good friend Gedaliah and his family up the hill in Sheinfeld. They are very nice Chabadnikim and they keep every chumrah in the book - nonetheless, the meal was quite enjoyable. It was also the first meal I can remember at which my entire family was present and all conversation was conducted in Hebrew. (You woulda been proud of me guys...) Between stories and L'chaims we didn't leave there until midnight.

Somehow, though I went to sleep after two I managed to get up and make it to shul on time. (Granted, if Daddy hadn't woken me I would have slept right through it.) It was the usual nothing overly spectacular.

Lunch was Milchigs and dessert was something that I must mention as most people woulda thought they had died and gone to Heaven - my Mother has this recipe for a 'Chocolate Indulgence Cake' which is actually a 'warm chocolate cake' - you know, the kind where the outside is cake and when warm if it is cut open the gooey chocolate center oozes out all over. Yeah, it is yum - but only in VERY small pieces... :)

I spent the entire afternoon reading and made it through some 760 pages or so. I'm almost finished with 'Prophecy' (the second book in the Rhapsody series.) Have I mentioned that I love this series only a little less that Kay and Marillier?!?

Seudat Moshiach was amusing. Freddie drank 3/4 of a bottle of Mt. Hermon White and was quite a sight to behold (as the room spun...) and I helped try to finish the 'benzine' without dying.

When chag ended we started changing the kitchen back. It was a 'smashing' good time. (Right Mommy?) I scored lots of stuff for the apartment (Shosh, more stuff for the closet in the living room..)

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I think I am going into the office early. I do it in hopes that my boss remembers what he said last week (when he asked me to come in early) and lets me take off on a different day without penalty in repayment.

I know just when I want it for.

Though it means I'll be old.

Gam zu L'tovah...

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Aviva said...

Hi Lori! Aren't you proud I checked out your blog?!? Yes, the pic of Avichai does look like calvin... when you said you'll take a day off, did you mean your birthday?!?! It's in a couple months!! Have a great day!