Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Night Flavor...

Not much on the agenda for tonight.

Figured I should let you know what I'm up to.

Tonight is a chilled shmidjet. I mean, there is that 'to-do' list that I will probably never get around to. I have 5 skirts to sew - and no koach to crawl around on the floor and pin fabric.

Sammy just 'cleaned' all of my stuff up in our room. (At least my closet's guts are back where they belong.)

At the moment we are listening to Rob Thomas (Something to Be) and enjoying some Breezers.

I am watching my new pet fish. I got them for free. They are quite entertaining and the best part is - I'll never even need to clean up after them.

Yes, the annoying tall one was right - Shabbos is over.

Shavua Tov everybody...

1 comment:

tevie said...

o big sister the day i somehow amuse you (or spell corectlly) (and not by making funny faces :P) will be a good step in making ur shbbat just a we bit more fun (but would u really like me that way?hmmmmmmmm)

hava good week im going to paint old people now!!!