Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Sorry Sir, I'm Not Screwable..."

Woke up early. Was in the office by ten. Got sent to the bank - it was a nightmare. Worked for five hours in total doing three people's work and babysitting. Hopped on a 420 and was Home in no time.

The house is clean and ready for Pesach (aside from the HUGE box of chametz on the back mirpeset...) Anywho - I walked into the house, put down my stuff and headed out with the girls to BIG for some shopping and to wait for our guests who were scheduled to be arriving on the train.

Mommy bought me a white-chocolate-'flat' bar and I ate it and some potato chips while we waited for the train. At the same time I also scared the locals, made friends with some chayalim and thought about petting the puppy - but it wasn't cute enough to bother with.

Finally the train pulled into the station. We caught a chayal who needed a ride Home (I think we may have scared him - but you'd think he'd be used to us by now) and Sharon and Josh arrived as well.

Back at Home we shmoozed, lounged and I managed to sew the purples/reds&pinks skirt in record time. (I have a funny feeling that the rest of my skirts will be ready for Shavuot or later...)

'Dinner' was an interesting affair after Bedikat Chametz. It consisted of Egg Matza, Greek Salad, Kitniot Cake, Cheese and Seltzer.

Finally at about 10 we piled into the car and Drove up to Jeru for our annual erev-erev-shalosh-regalim-outing to the Kotel and the Jewish Rova. THE Wall was basically empty - so I got in a good Maariv along with some Tehillim and even a plug for pancakes. I didn't cry this time but it sure was chilly and I must've gone through a box of Kleenex standing there regardless. After Davening we headed up the stairs in a sad attempt to find some ice-pops (as is our minhag.) However, we were running late this time and it was already half past twelve so our hopes were not high. Thankfully The Big Guy Upstairs was watching out for us and the pizza place was still open with just enough slices to serve our group AND they had ices too!

On the way out of the city we stopped off to check on the apartment. (Daddy wanted to personally inspect the new toilet.) Then we headed Home.

The ride was uneventful and I enjoyed my music whilst staring out the windows at the moon partially obscured by the thick fog that lay thickly over The Land.

Safely at Home I decided to go to sleep. But then I remembered - 'The Blog' - so here I am and there I go.

I'm reading the Rhapsody books again. I can't help it. I am obsessed with them. Not the same talent as Kay and not the same flair as Marillier but Haydon does get her point across and the books are well-written enough - really it's the story-line that keeps me coming back for more. It is almost brilliant in its convoluted semi-perfection.

Pesach tomorrow...

As Roger Zelazny signs off in Book six of his epic 'Amber' Series -

"We will be there before much longer. Good-bye and Hello, as always."


Anonymous said...

polly just in case i dont catch you have a gr8 pesach!! missing u
love rj

Sassy Madricha said...

Plug for pancakes... Lori, you should be a writer!