Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tests, Failures and Redemption...

So, first off - I feel the need to apologize for last nights post. I know, I don't need to seeing as I myself have said before that this is for ME ME ME. But, truth of the matter is - the attitude I took last night was UNACCEPTABLE. I should have been able to control myself and I have disgusted myself (which though nothing new is not the most comfortable situation to find oneself in seclusion with. Generally I wouldn't mind meeting me in a dark alley but last night was brutal and uncalled for.)

You may ask why I didn't just erase the post and pretend like it never happened. The reason is quite simple. The rage is a part of me and now that I have expressed it outwardly, it has become a part of my recorded past. The point is, I always try to learn from my past so as to avoid making the same errors in the present and future. Therefore, the scathing post will stay.

Now for: About my day (Lori in her own words on her cutely self-indulgent blog...)

Woke up at 5:30, shut the alarm at 6:30, caught the bus at 8:00. Went to class. Took my final. (Insert maniacal laughter complete with intermittent screams here.) Shmoozed with Shosh. Went to work (YAY for me! I walked BOTH ways!) Went out to find 'plastic paper holdery things' for the office - 500 of 'em. Had a pretty good time all-around.

Missed you today Raizy!! It was all sad and alone at the big desk all by myself. What was this? Payback for Thursday? ;) Anywho - I hope you're feeling betterer!!

Bout the Mishpacha - Freddie is in Bat-Ayin checking out a potential place for Sheirut Leumi. Eli went back to school. I love Brenda, she's soooo cute!! I wouldn't REALLY have stuck the harmonica up Ezri's butt - I promise. My Dibble is so fiwfy (filthy) I think it's time for his semi-annual scrub with vinegar.

All cheer please, for yet another 'disturbed' week! It's Yom Ha'atzmaut Tuesday night and Wednesday so I will hopefully be getting out of work early and heading Home for some Family fun!

Who knows? Maybe we'll go to the beach...?

p.s. - I miss my computer.


Michalie said...

you walked both ways ;)
something we cant do!
anyway- see ya in yom haatzmaut!!

Brenda said...

awww how sweet i luv u to! see ya whenever u come home!!!