Saturday, April 01, 2006

To Walk the Bridge of Doom...

Contrary to the negative connotations of the title of this post - I am quite cheery.

Shabbos was interesting to say the least. I didn't actually spend time with anybody that I wanted to spend time with but I guess things work out the way that they are supposed to work out.

Friday night was entertaining - nobody was in shul, I barely got a 'hello' heading Home and after the meal, the remainder of the evening was spent watching the hamsters (pathetically) attempt to escape from the maze of wood and plastic 'specially constructed for them to play in.

I am still perplexed by the puzzle - what DO hamsters do in the wild?

The summer schedule is officially on so I had a reprieve (sort of) and didn't have to be in Shul until 8:30. Davening was same old - but there was no Freddie with whom to laugh as I noticed the 'him' about whom Daddy laughed maniacally.

The kiddush after shul was nice - at least I got to see Ora and Vivi.

Lunch was a boring affair and after the meal I crashed (totally and utterly.) I slept for almost four hours and then went down and watched the hamsters some more. I won rummikub, watched a card game, and watched the clock slowly approach the time at which Shabbos would end and the burdens of the week would surely crash down upon my shoulders. (Have I mentioned how much I hate that feeling?!)

Quick apology to Little Brother who I think I freaked out - don't worry, I didn't mean anything by my comment. Seriously - You are ALL Freddie's. (And if you don't know what I'm talking about - then never mind and I can sigh with relief.) Did I mention - I WON rummikub? Hehehe... Oh yeah, and thank you for helping with the cookies - it was greatly appreciated.

On a different note - Doomier? Is that really a word? I'll have to check it out - though, if I can use shmidjet in a discussion, why not doomier?

And yes, 28 IS tooo old.


Happy Week Everybody!


Michalie said...

i was in shul...
last time i checked- im not a nobody...

tevie said...

O big sister, u make me laugh, I thought I heard what you said but I was not 100% sure (u said it fast with many other things, o the excitement of victory :P). hehe don’t worry if anything I’m flattered big sis! :)

debsy said...

don't the cats try to eat the hamsters??? how long have u had hamsters for?? Funny i spent most of friday night watching a hamster too. rachel is hamster sitting for a friend