Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To Walk in the Rain...

Well - Becca left for Australia via Vienna & Guadelumpa this morning. The nesher came at 4ish. It was sad to say l'hit, but not soooo bad because iy"H - she'll be back soon.

At 7:50 Shosh woke me for the second time and I got ready to go out to the other side of town. We had the Blake's Baby's Bris to attend and it was supposed to start at 9. Which it obviously did. The walk didn't take too long (only 45 minutes) and we got there in time to hear the name. Cute little baby, of course I pointed out the fact that in reality - naming him Yakov is giving him a great nick-name for the future. It doesn't get much better than Jake Blake, does it?

After the bris I accompanied Shosh to pay a shiva call and then we headed back to our side of town. I ditched Shosh after the bank and a quick stop at the school and headed to TM where I met up with Brenda and Michalie. Sammy was on her way and we decided to join her on the 21 and be lazy by bussing the three stops into town. We then proceeded to shop until we dropped. I got plenty of new clothes for chag. We also stopped for a bagel brunch where we enjoyed the show (the guy with the box was too amusing.) After eating I headed off on my own towards the office stopping along the way to drop off my disposable camera which I had finally finished.

At work I was bombarded with stuff to do. Never a dull moment there. Alright, almost never a dull moment there. At least I got my keys back this time. Oh yes, and the rainbow - the sky was an incredible shade of cerulean and the bright rainbow shone clearly across the sky obscured from view only in a few spots where the color was dimmed by the passing clouds. I made the Bracha on it - I was 'wowed.'

After work Shosh joined me and we headed to the Old City. I've spoken about my love for the walls and the time-warp it always sucks me into. (Yes, me and my over-active imagination.) First stop was the book-store where I finally found a Haggada that I can use and appreciate. At the Kotel (after we went through - security?) we had almost the entire Wall to ourselves. Maariv and some Tehillim and a few heart-felt words to the Creator. It was the best davening I have had in a long time, and even more than that - it was the first time I actually cried at the Kotel in almost three years.

After our spiritual interlude we hopped on a bus and headed back down Yafo where we went out to eat. The food was good, the company was great, lots of Pita, Ketchup anybody? AND have I mentioned - I sure am gonna miss my Dunce!!!

Before heading home we stopped off for ice-pops. Now, we (Shosh) are (is) doing the last of the cleaning for Pesach. The floor is getting washed and the mats are getting cleaned.

Tomorrow Deborah is arriving (finally) and I will be heading Home for the BIG Shabbos (right Michalie?)

Did I mention that it rained all day?

I love walking in the rain...

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Michalie said...

cameras finished, thanx to us..