Monday, April 10, 2006

Unexpected Phone Calls...

Well, 'sof sof' the 'Instalator' showed up and we now have a brand new toilet. (Yep, months of annoyingness fixed in about half an hour.) The lawyer even called to find out what was going on! It was so exciting.

Thankfully I wasn't alone when the guy and his equally scary looking partner knocked on the door. Brenda and Michalie came in to visit me and keep me company.

When the work was done we headed out towards the merkaz.I parted ways with them and headed to the 'make your own' shop where I succeeded in buying earring parts and two really nice strings of beads to be used and restrung at my discretion and will. After my splurge I headed into the office. Yes, it was before 12.

work work work. much appreciated break. work work work. And then some. But the boss was nice and let me leave early.

Tonight - much like last night, I am all alone. Thank you Raizy for the gracious offer! I would totally have taken you up on it but I really do have stuff to do - clean out the rest of the fridge, cut out the material for the 'happy color' skirt, re-sponja (cause the plumber made an awful mess), pack, eat my ice-lolly and a half (thank you Becca and Shosh!!), Bedikat Chametz (it IS my last night in the apartment...), hang up any additional 'Chametz' signs, wash the last of the laundry, finish my book and I should probably try to get some sleep.

Going in to the office early again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get out early too - then I can go straight Home and do all the stuff there. Sew my skirts, scrub the bathroom (if Freddie didn't do it), polish the silver (if they left it for me), string the beads for my necklace and of course - earrings.

Yep - it's gonna be busy busy.

At least 2/3 of our company made it to Israel. Stupid beauracracies and rules. Stupid Passports.

We'll miss you Ari. :'( Maybe you can come in the summer? Well, I won't nag you about it - but beware, Sammy is going to be calling you and she's always been the one you had to watch out for - I mean, why else would you have been cowering behind that pillow and then moved out of the way all those years ago? I'd bet that still gives her head-aches to this day - just remembering it... ;)

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