Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Black & White Cookies...

Last night I anticipated QUITE the boring night. Of course, I wasn't prepared to sit around doing nothing so when an opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it. I went shopping with Shosh and Rochel. We were looking for particular a kind of clothing. (Have I mentioned how adorable Rochel is?!)

AND, while we were out, I even got a phone call that I wasn't expecting. Talk about pleasant surprises. And no, I don't really mean to laugh at you - it's just, you're so darned cute - have I told you that recently?! Well, for what it's worth, in my humble and unimportant opinion - you are. But, don't let it go to your head. ;)

I LOVE walking. It is one of the greatest stress relievers and if you go with a friend it gives you time to catch up on each others lives and with 'what's going on's. I finally got to shmooze with Shosh last night - it has been WAAAAY too long. (And for the record, I AM sorry I haven't had a normal week for such a long time. I know, four nights REALLY isn't too much to ask - but things keep 'going funny' as Debs has been known to say.)

'Going funny' - an interesting phrase. What if I am already funny? Never mind.

Got material for yet another project. Hmmm... guess I shouldn't be lazy this week and should finally take the convertor back down to the sewing machine. It'll be worth it. Well, that's what I think anyway.

This morning I felt positivley peachy. I woke up warm in my bed and realized, the sun falls right on my bed. It felt delicious to be sleeping in a square of sun, so I decided to procrastinate getting up until as late as possible.

Met up with my favoritest and onlyest Nuch and we strolled into town for some coffee and shmoozing. (Thanks for listening, and I am SOOO looking forward to being little old ladies and chuckling about the past together - though I have a distinct suspicion that we will laugh uproariously rather than giggle in a dignified way. Well, as long as we don't snort. Right Sammy?)

Speaking of Sammy. Umm, Miguel - why did you not bring me pizza? Why did you not bring me fawafel? Why did you not come visit me? Oh yeah - it's all Brenda's fault. Silly Brenda! Why didn't you go to school?! You messed up my evening :-P Thanks for nothing and there go my plans for this evening. WAAAAHH Freddie!!! I certainly hope that you at least did the laundry. *Sniff* I'm gonna need some clean clothes for this weekend. (For no reason aside from the fact that I like to have CLEAN clothes to wear. And NO - just because I fit into your shirts doesn't mean I need to take them all. Though, you do have some cute ones. Don't worry Freddie my dearest, soon enough I shall be abducting your skirts as well.)


But until then, take comfort in the knowledge that my WAIST is the size of your HIPS.

Yes. Hehehe,



debsy said...

i haven't even finished reading yet but i'm commenting b/c i don't agree with quoting my use of 'going funny'!!! I don't think i use the term going funny. Things may have gone funny or that went funny, but i'm not sure about the grammatical use of going funny!
Going to carry on reading now

da'kender said...

yes, she has to carry on reading, but i am done and will tell you why i did not come to visit you or bring you pizza or fawafel to eat. It is brendas fault that I didnt come and my head was splitting open, and the room was a mess, and there was tons of dirty laundry. I did not bring you pizza or fawafel because 1)i did not come to visit you 2)you would have accused me afterward of making you fat so that you wouldnt fit into my shirts 3)i wasnt in the mood for either of them. So I came home and also went walking, but with our mother dearest and so it was a rather slow walk. granted it was hotter at two in the afternoon, but... and then she made a yummy supper!Eggplant and tomato and chickpea and onion concotion (sp?) look, another ism i have picked up, though i use this one a lot less frequently. ttyl! see you tomorrow!