Sunday, May 28, 2006

Brochie Says to 'Make a Move...'

Sammy turned off the alarm clock because it is her job. Then she went back to sleep. Miraculously I made the bus - thank you Daddy for going the extra distance and dropping me off at the bus stop. All I wanted to listen to on the ride was 'wrap your words around me' - but I don't have it on my Pod.

On the way to school I stopped off for some ice-cream for breakfast. (Rays - I think you're rubbing off on me...) School was novel. I still can't deal with touching some 74 year old woman's dry feet at 10:00 in the morning. On a nice note - Mommy and Freddie showed up to donate their feet to the cause. Sassy came to help out too. It was sooo nice!!! It was like a whole reunion.

I snuck out after the second treatment and skipped group therapy to join Mommy and Freddie on a trip to town. I somehow wound up getting two new skirts. (Once again, Rays I think you are 'girl'afying me.) The skirts are both short and 'fluffy' and girly!!!

Work was quite a party. Though I was busier than usual (doing lots of nothings) I had many adventures. Between; filing, ice cream, painted door shmidjets, paper cuts, turpentine, plastic gloves, scathing letters, paper shredding, post-office runs, bourekkas and carbs, life-stories and just remember sharing is caring - sometimes. So Sis, did I talk enough today? :)

After leaving the office I headed out to Bayit V'gan for the Afikei Messibat Siyum. It was SOOOO nice to see all of the Teachers and Rebbeim. In addition, Amalia is in Israel visiting and SHE DIDN'T TELL ME SHE WAS COMING!!!!! I also spent quality time with Sas and saw Miriam and and and... I even got to speak to all of the Teachers and Rabbis! I miss all of the faculty so much!! It was incredible to be able to go in and speak to them as though no time had passed. Of course I fully appreciated and made the most of the comfortable feeling - especially as I spilled out my messed up soap-opera-like stories for Brochie's level-headed assesment and advice. I laughed hysterically and she looked me straight in the eye and gave me the advice that I wanted to hear and some suggestions as well. :) (Yes, though I hated Nach Yomi there was NEVER a time that I disliked the teacher!!)

Shosh and I grabbed a bus back to our side of town before it got too late then we ate a bag of potato chips as we shmoozed and I bemoaned my lack of enthusiasm for writing a paper for reflexology.

I have a good touch? That's what people keep telling me.

People. A fascinating topic of study.

I think I'll go to sleep now. I'm thinking ice-cream for breakfast sounds REALLY good. Guess I'll try to walk both ways tomorrow.

Hehehe, so much for my diet.

Who needs it anyway?

Certainly not me!

Right? ;)


RJJJJJJJ said...

Polly Polly Polly ... i am missing you soooo soooo much right now you dont know!!
i am even thinkning of calling you now even though i have no clue what time it is 4 u !!
I Miss you did i mention that before?? wooooppssssssssss
Love ya
your Becca

debsy said...

u make me soooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmmm can u get me amalia's number??? and pls com online of these days i miss u sooooo much!!