Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dorothy Smith is Showing Her Teapots...

What exactly is going on this week? Today the security guy was MIA - BUT - The random chayal on the bus wanted to play with my hair. (I turned him down though... figured that was my best option.)

I ran into Nush at TM but he disappeared, something about not wanting to sit on the floor of the bus with me. :( He didn't want to have a picnic but, I'm a nice Lori so I'll look for that Toblerone bar for him because I wuv him soooo much (well, he WAS my first husband after all...) And Sammy will make him cookies because she's a good Freddie after all.

Work was actually enjoyable today (first time in a while) probably because I was swamped with work. I LOVE being busy and under pressure, it keeps me motivated and on the move. Of course, worrying about not being able to leave on time due to the workload is SUCH a rush. ;) Ok, mebbe not.

I think I might have plans for next Wednesday night. I'm hoping that I do anyway. Now I just have to decide how to incorporate a movie, romantic dinner and a make-out session into one evening. I mean, that can't be too difficult. Right?! Maybe I'll suggest something unorthodox and we'll just chill at my house. Hehe, I mean - we DO have the hammock on the roof (and a pretty garden to boot.) I'm sure I can manage to hook up the speakers and get the computer set up too. Though that does pose a problem where the grass is concerned... Hmmmm, this is going to be complicated. Silly boy - always causing me problems. *sigh*

We went out to Sheinfeld for dinner. Yay for felafel and deep fried fries!!! Sammy went swimming and I went shopping with the crazy lady. I danced through Mister Zol listening to the music that was in my head (well, I did have my I-pod with me...)

Tonight's plan consists of more fries, more music and of course a 'girls night' showing of Grease in the basement...

I think I'll bring the jump rope along. After all this noshing, I'm sure gonna need it.

Otherwise I might not have amusing stories about random guys next week and as we all know I need some amusing stories to keep this thing funny...

Right?! Right.

Last Random Sidenote of the Night: We tried to pick up some really adorable chick on the way back from the grocery store - but she didn't want to get into the car with us. Guess we scared her... ;)


da'kender said...

Fawafel! you silly monkey!
"I will cut you to ribbons, fool!"
You're scary... no wonder she didnt want to get her butt wet...

'Yo Abba said...

What's a make-out session?

I don't see much in the way of spiritual content in your posts lately.

What's going on?