Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Eeevil Deevils Took My Seat...

Tell me 'bout Hector the Collector - I've sunken to a new low. As I walk down Yafo almost every day I notice that people have deposited perfectly good gum-wrappers on the sidewalk. As I see these, I think to myself - "self, those are perfectly good wrappers that could be making the gum wrapper chain longer." Worry not. I have not yet stooped to the level of actually collecting them.

Somebody stop me - PLEASE!! I was on my way to Chor Bakir to exchange my new skirt (because I realized that I DID need the smaller size in the khaki. Silly salespeople... lying to me. Harumph!) and I passed by the store where Sammy found me the cute black zip-up shirt. They had further reduced the prices and they had the shirt in MORE colors!!! I couldn't resist! WAH!

Got to the office half an hour early (ugh!) Today was relatively boring. Though I had stuff to do. I made my third trip of the week to the post-office and I filed.

Had an amusing sort of mishap with e-mails today. But it's a personal story. Let's just say - sometimes being nice can make you do silly things. Hehe, but no harm done - right Little Brother? ;)

I can't believe it's only been a week since I was Home watching a movie on the hammock. It feels like ages have passed. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. But either way, I haven't really been thinking about it. Let's see how things go this weekend and if they go anywhere at all.

About Tushheaditis. Yeah, it exists. Of that I am certain.

On a funny note - I have always liked the name Asher. Honestly, I have.

If only poker weren't so attention-grabbing, friends weren't so important and Lori didn't feel this need to finish projects that she started...

Thanks for the invite Rays.

Mebbe next time. ;)


da'kender said...

I've always liked the name gavriel... actually, not always... but since that thanksgiving I liked that name for some reason. yes I know he was the little one...

~{~~@ said...

It's a nice name - whole thing might've been postponed for tomorrow. I always hated the name Eliezer- not that that means anything
I thought of playing boggle with my sis-in-laws tomorrow, maybe they won't notice the food that way- if you think it's a good idea see if I can borrow the Ranch's boggle for a night-
Why do I feel the need to end every thought with "..." or "-"? You're a massage expert, maybe you know...
Speaking of massages... ummm, dare I ask?
This comment is looking more like an email- what to do?
Well I guess "suffering" through your posts on a daily basis gives me the right